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24 Analysis In episode one of season four of 24, Jack starts the episode with he doesn’t want to do field work anymore, he likes where he is with the Secretary of the state’s daughter. He wants a life again without worrying about if he is going to live through the day. Also, in this episode the Secretary would rather have the Presidents and his reputation than to listen to what his son has to say. Every time he mentioned that it would hurt them, he didn’t notice how his son felt. The Turkish family showed how a lot of family should be, except they were working in America only to set up a plan. They were here for a purpose so they didn’t want their son talking to anyone including the girl he had befriended. Later in the episode, Jack had to go back to the CTU and he tried helping out Driscol, but she didn’t want to listen to him. So Jack broke protocol, broke into the interrogation room, and shot the detainee in the knee to get the important information that he needed. Which was, that the attack wasn’t the train blowing up, it was kidnapping the secretary of the state. I believe that Jack had his mind set on not being on the field anymore, so that he can try and make a new family, and be home more often. That is until he got back into the CTU for a contract debriefing with Driscol. He then realized he could help figure out the problem they were facing, and he felt good about it. He enjoys helping people, and he enjoys being a part of the CTU team. Jack will do whatever he can to make sure that he gets the information he wants. Even if that means breaking protocol and shooting a guy in the knee. Jack cares for his family and friends and he would do anything to make sure they stayed safe, he also has a strong bond with keeping his loyalty with the United States, and keeping the people safe here as well. The…...

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