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3 Days Diet Analyst

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Kimintang Sidibeh BI 213

Three Day Diet Analysis
According to the food pyramid, my diet is horrible considering what I have consumed in these 3 days. It shows that I need to start eating more, and better quality foods. My sugar intake is too high and should be reconsidered. Possibly I could swap out processed sugars for natural sugars; such as in fruit. It is obvious from the records I have provided that I do not take in as much (if any) fruit that one should be consuming on a daily basis. Thus, not only am I depriving myself of vitamins, I am also depriving myself of the fiber needed in order for my digestive system and metabolism to work as necessary. I will have to incorporate more whole grains with fruit and vegetables to act as roughage, as going to the bathroom proves difficult for me- most likely this is why.

I was astonished by how many carbohydrates I take in too. Eating a lot of carbs can add to the blockage/ movement in the bowels so I need to consider decreasing the TYPE of carbohydrates that I eat, cutting out white and processed breads and grains, replacing them for whole grains and wheat products.

The only milk I intake is with my coffee and tea. Although I have four hot beverages a day with around 2 tablespoons of dairy, I am aware that this is no-where near the recommended 2 cups a day. On a good note however, I do not drink many sugary drinks at all- if any. Coffee, tea and water are my staple liquids therefore the sugar that I eat equals out to the sugars that I don’t drink. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water per day are less than the 6-8 glasses recommended however I do make a conscious effort to drink more on the days that I work out. I do not take in enough calories, as I burn on average 800calories and eat on any given day from 1200-1800.

On the food guide pyramid shows that my milk intake was 0%, meat and beans intake was 48.8%,…...

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