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3 Security Features of Windows Vista

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3 Security Features of Windows Vista
3 Security Features of Windows Vista

In this project I will cover Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and User Account Control.
Windows Defender Surfing the internet is not safe anymore. You can visit a website and next thing you know you have received some virus just by accessing the website. You can purchase Malware and Spyware programs, but Microsoft has introduced Windows Defender in Vista. Defender is a built in program that comes with Windows Vista to keep spyware and other unwanted software from infecting your computer. It does this in 3 ways: * There is “Real-time protection” that alerts you when attempts to access your computer and install software are done. * There is “SpyNet” which is message board that people can look to see how others responded to software not yet classified for risks. Anyone can participate and post their comments on what they experienced with certain software programs. * Finally you can utilize the “Scanning” feature and have Windows Defender scan your computer for spyware and other unwanted software.
Windows Firewall Back in 2001 when Windows XP was released, it included a limited firewall call “Internet Connection Firewall”. Because of compatibility issues and difficulty reaching the options for the program it was rarely used. Due to several Worms attacking users who didn’t have a firewall or didn’t use the difficult “Internet Connection Firewall”, Microsoft came back with the new and improved “Windows Firewall” which was in the SP2 update in Windows XP. With the Vista release “Windows Firewall” was improved. It was built on the Windows filtering platform, outbound packet filtering, and totally IP friendly, allowing connections or denying them based on certificates, Kerberos authentication and so on. These changes made the Vista version very user friendly and…...

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