7 P's of Service Marketing for a Bank

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Marketing of Banking Services (Case of Prime Bank Ltd. )



Internship program is a pre-requisite for acquiring BBA degree in UIU. Before completion of the program, every student must undergo the internship program or a research work. It is mandatory because classroom discussion alone cannot make a student outstanding in handling the real business scenario. This is an opportunity for a student to learn about the real life situation and how to act accordingly. Another purpose is to know about the rules, regulation and environment of an organization before getting a job or starting a business. Such experience may facilitate a student to have a better job or get success quickly in a business. A report is to be prepared to summarize the findings through observation, and practical work after the internship period. The report titled “Marketing of Banking Services: Case of Prime Bank Limited” is based on the learning from the internship period in Prime Bank Ltd, Shimrail Branch. It contains a concrete idea about the marketing pattern of the bank mainly with the help of observational study from the perspective of 7P’s of services. I will also discuss the other banking activities of the branch.

This report titled “Marketing of Banking Services” is prepared fully on academic basis. It is a mandatory requirement as a part of internship for BBA program completion under the school of business of UIU. This topic has been allocated and supervised by my supervision Prof. Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman, Dean of Business Administration, UIU. I have tried my level best to demonstrate my experience, observation and understanding out of the practical orientation of a real workplace (Prime Bank Limited) in this report.

1.3: OBJECTIVES OF THE REPORT 1.3.1: Primary Objective
The primary objective of this report is to…...

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