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A clockwork orange by Anthony Burgess


De hoofdpersoon is Axel, hij heeft met zijn "brothers" Georgie, Pete en Dim een straatbende. Ze vinden het leuk om mensen toe te beroven en mishandelen. Om niet in de moeilijkheden te komen gaan ze naar een bar en bieden ze verslaafde vrouwen drank aan in ruil voor een sluitend alibi.
Meestal loopt het op deze manier goed af, maar dat duurt niet lang, want na een onderlinge ruzie wordt Axel verraden door zijn eigen vrienden. Axel heeft net ingebroken en hij heeft de vrouw die daar woonde vermoord toen hij de politie hoorde komen. Hij wil snel naar buiten maar daar stond Dim hem op te wachten en nog voor hij het doorhad werd hij door hem neergeslagen.
Axel wordt dus opgepakt door de politie wordt veroordeeld voor 14 jaar cel. Hij belandt daar met nog 5 anderen in een veel te kleine cel. Daar wordt hij op de hoogte gesteld van een speciaal project. Met de zogenaamde Ludvicio techniek waarbij hij voortdurend aan geweld wordt blootgesteld en wordt verzwakt door speciale injecties kan hij zijn celstraf verkorten tot een aantal weken. Ondanks de zware periode doorstaat Axel het proces goed. En wordt dan ook al gauw weer vrijgelaten.
De bij-effecten waar hij nu echter last van heeft zijn heel bijzonder. Hij kan namelijk zichzelf niet meer overhalen tot wandaden, want zo gauw hij de neiging krijgt te gaan vechten of zich te misdragen wordt hij misselijk. Ook wordt hij misselijk van alle klassieke muziekstukken. Hier is hij namelijk tijdens zijn procedure tot vervelens toe aan blootgesteld.
Eenmaal buiten wil hij zijn ouders verrassen met zijn komst, die hebben echter al een nieuwe zoon geadopteerd, die Joe heet en willen niets met hem te maken hebben na alles wat hij gedaan heeft. Weer buitengezet gaat hij naar de bibliotheek, daar komt hij een oud slachtoffer van hem tegen, die hem probeert te vermoorden. Hij…...

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...A Clockwork Orange abandons normal 'language' (which Modernists believed couldn't always convey meaning anyway) and is written in 'Nadsat' (which means teenager). It is a slang that is spoken by the teenagers at the time. Burgess uses approximately two-hundred and fifty 'nadsat' words (most of which have Russian roots) to convey his story. This gives the reader a sense of intimacy with Alex and his 'droogs' (friends) due to the fact that the adults in the novel can't understand what they are govoreeting (saying). There is also a disruption of the linear flow of narrative aside from this private language; Alex ('Our Humble Narrator') tells the story in a remembering type sequence, but often interjects with thoughts or questions posed directly at the reader. Aside from the strange language that is found on the pages of this novel, one of the most obvious modernistic features is Burgess's ability to shock. There are many different scenes that are quite disturbing and violent. Alex's propensity to rape young girls (ten years old), and his absolute joy in the sight of blood and pain. ' ...while I ripped away at this and that and the other...and real good horrorshow [good] groodies [breasts] they were that then exhibited their pink glazzies [eyes], O my brothers, while I untrussed [undresses] and got ready for the plunge. Plunging I could slooshy [hear] the cries of agony' ( Burgess 23). This ties in with the fact that, as readers, we tend to follow the actions of Alex and his......

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...A man who cannot choose ceases to be a man."—Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange is a novel about moral choice and free will. Alex's story shows what happens when an individual's right to choose is robbed for the good of society. The first and last chapters place Alex in more or less the same physical situation but his ability to exercise free will leads him to diametrically opposite choices—good versus evil. The phrase, "what's it going to be then, eh?," echoes throughout the book; only at the end of the novel is the moral metamorphosis complete and Alex is finally able to answer the question, and by doing so affirms his freedom of choice. The capacity to choose freely is the attribute that distinguishes humans from robots; thus the possibility of true and heartfelt redemption remains open even to the most hardened criminal. A Clockwork Orange is a parable that reflects the Christian concept of sin followed by redemption. Alex's final and free choice of the good, by leaving behind the violence he had embraced in his youth, brings him to a higher moral level than the forced docility of his conditioning, which severed his ability to choose and grow up. The question, "what's it going to be then, eh," is asked at the beginning of each section of the novel. In the first and third part it is asked by Alex, but in the second part it is asked by the prison chaplain. The answer does not come until the end of the novel when Alex grows up and exercises his ability to......

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...A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess I chose the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess because I have watched the movie and I really wanted to read the book. The blurb also shows a dark and interesting book “A Clockwork Orange is the shocking seminal novel that spawned one of the most notorious films ever made...Alex and his thrill-seeking gang indulge in violence...rape and drugs”. The first page already suggests that Alex is a troubled leader of his gang sitting in the milk bar drinking a glass of milk which is laced with illegal drugs, making plans for the evening. I predicted A Clockwork Orange would be an easy going, interesting novel that hopefully I could relate to. I was particularly interested how the characters were introduced. Alex and his droogs (friends), Dim, Pete and Georgie as sitting in the Korova Milk Bar, a place that serves milk injected with illegal drugs like stimulants, trying to decide what to do for the night. Alex and his droogs are young, with lots of money and very well dressed, “Waisty Jackets without lapels...with big built up shoulders...off white cravats which looked like whipped-up kartoffel or spud...hair not too long...and big flip horrowshow boots for kicking”. The Author also describes the other patrons surrounding the bar, with a man hallucinating on the milk next to the boys and young girls in tight bright dresses on the other side of the bar. These people and the surroundings are different to what would experience today in......

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...Victoria Allred Prof. Olson ENG 2309.007 September 18, 2013 Morality Play In A Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess, we read about a fifteen year old boy, named Alex, from Britain in the nineteen-seventy’s. He goes through many obstacles and many questions arrive in the readers mind about the treatment of citizens and the control of government. We watch this boy go through some many harsh times and the biggest question is if humans should have their free will to choose good or evil, or if the government should be able to choose that there will be nothing but good in the world. And as the prison Charles and F. Alexander said, “A man who cannot choose ceases to be a man” (pg. 100). I believe that moral depravity is much better than forced morality. The main point that Burgess makes in this book is that a humans right to choose good or evil is essential to society. During the book, Alex goes through a treatment that is supposed to cure his desire to be evil. This treatment was a liquid substance that was injected into his bloodstream that made Alex became sick at the sight or thought of evil. When Alex tells F. Alexander, a writer, about the things he went through, he says, “They have turned you into something other than a human being” (pg. 100). Alex cannot do as he pleases without getting that horrid sick feeling. And sometimes he even feels as if he wants to end his own life. The treatment does keep Alex from doing evil but it also keeps him from defending......

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...Betriebswirtschaft, mit Unterricht in Fremdsprachen Seminar: Kundenbindungsmanagement Gruppen: 321, 324 Veranstalter: Corina Pelău Orange Chicheanu Georgiana Lavinia Dragomir Ioana Monica Ispas Andrei Sibian Mitu Andreea Inhaltsverzeichnis 1.Einleitung- Ziele und Rahmenbedingungen 2 2.Die vier „Tier-Gebühren“ 3 3.Orange Thank You - eine langfristige Beziehung 3 4.Orange PrePay – kein Abo oder Rechnung nötig 5 5.Orange Young – Alles ist es leichter! 6 6.Schlussfolgerung 7 Bibliografie 8 1.Einleitung Ziele und Rahmenbedingungen Was auf dem rumänischen Markt für Mobiltelefonie als Dialog bekannt war, machte eine Metamorphose durch, mit Hilfe der France Telecom. So wurde dem rumänischen Markt im April 2002 Orange vorgestellt. Mit einem Netz das 96,6% der Bevölkerung in Verbindung stellen konnte und die beste Qualität von Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen ist Orange Nummer 1 in seinem Bereich. 1 Juni 2005 ist ein bedeutender Tag sowohl für Orange, als auch für die neu eingetretenen Konkurrenten, Vodafone Group Plc. Das Unternehmen aus Großbritannien, das auf dem Markt durch den Kauf des Unternehmens Connex eintretet, stellt eine grosse Gefahr für Orange dar, da sie die ersten sind, die die Dienstleistungen 3G im Arpil und 3G broadband HSDPA in 2006 in Rumänien......

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...The ability to choose between good and evil is something that we never really think about too often, or in any real detail. Even so; this decision that comes naturally to most, is something everyone must make throughout their life in order to guide their actions and control their future. This ability to choose, no matter what that choice may be or the outcome of that choice, displays a person’s power as an individual. Any attempts to control or influence that choice will, in turn, govern one's free will and enslave them. In the novel A Clockwork Orange, the author Anthony Burgess uses symbolism through imagery, the characterization of Alex, and a first person narrative point of view to show that without the ability to choose between good or evil, one becomes a slave. Symbolism through imagery explains how Alex's ability to choose between good and evil, is his ascendancy over the weak and innocent. The first of these symbols is the music that he loves to listen to. Classical music is the only thing that Alex's has ever truly cared for. The music represents an element of his choice and free will. When his ability to make choices is taken away from him, in an attempt to make him better, he is unintentionally forced to lose his passion for music, by which he exclaims, "And all the time the music got more and more gromky, like it was all a deliberate torture, O my brothers“. This music that once represented his freedom to choose is gone now, and he has been left without any......

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...His farther is a manufactorer. Working class. What happens?: On page 149 P.R Deltoid visits Alex, P.R Deltoid is his Post-Corrective Adviser. Alex needs to behave well, or else he will be sent to prison. Alex has been in a fight, and it turns out that someone was hurt. Think about it this way - If an adult is involved, it must have been serious. On page 151, P.R Deltoid says “Did i make myself clear?” “clear as a unmuddied lake, sir”. What is "bad self" according to Alex?: People are good because they choose to be good. Alex says that he likes to be bad tho. But he also says "God either made you good, or he made you bad" There is nothing in between. How is modern youth?: Lack of parental discipline, wild. The Society: A Clockwork Orange takes place in a futuristic city governed by a repressive, totalitarian super-State. In this society, ordinary citizens have fallen into a passive stupor of complacency, blind to the insidious growth of a rampant, violent youth culture. The protagonist of the story is Alex, a fifteen-year-old boy who narrates in a teenage slang called nadsat, which incorporates elements of Russian and Cockney English. Alex leads a small gang of teenage criminals—Dim, Pete, and Georgie—through the streets, robbing and beating men and raping women. Alex and his friends spend the rest of their time at the Korova Milkbar, an establishment that serves milk laced with drugs, and a bar called the Duke of New York. Alex: The fifteen-year-old......

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...Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University HUMN 330 Spring 2016 Human Nature and Ethics Moral Issues in Film: A Clockwork Orange By Brett Nims Summary A Clockwork Orange is a film about a young adult man, Alex DeLarge. Alex leads a gang of other young adult men in London. The gang goes around the city and commits terrible acts of violence and sexual crimes with no remorse. Alex and his gang of droogs attack an old homeless man, drive dangerously through the country side, and attack an old man and his wife at their home. One night, Alex and his gang break into a woman’s house and he attacks her with a statue. He tries to flee the scene once he hears the police, but his gang turns on him and knocks him unconscious. Alex is convicted of murdering the old lady and is sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. While imprisoned, Alex says he doesn’t want to be evil anymore and wants to be changed into a good person. He is selected to be a participant in a new experiment to treat him of his bad behavior. Alex is strapped into a chair and forced to watch movies that depict violence and sexual assault. While he is watching the movies he is given a drug to make him nauseous and sick. Once the doctors prove that the treatment has worked on Alex, he is released to be a free man. Alex is beaten by police officers who use to be a part of his old gang. He manages to escape and finds his way to the house of the old man and woman he assaulted from before. The old man finally realizes...

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...He had a devious smirk behind soft blue eyes. That was the first impression of the main character, Alex, in A Clockwork Orange. Alex is the leader of a gang of terrorists. The four men in the group seem to get off on a good time raping women, stealing, and beating on innocent people. They all seem to work together in collaboration to portray chaos, but Alex is the worst of them all. Alex treats his other three members as if they are below him and he is the tyrant of them all. Alex seemed to have one weakness: classical music. Classical music is the powerful back ground to most of the movie, and the actions seem to sync with the music dramatically. This gang was used to routine. Their routine was to go to the milk bar and scope out who they plan to assault next. They would go door to door begging for help as if one of them got hurt, and then force their entry. A writer and his wife were the first victim of the gang and were completely helpless to Alex’s mastermind. They raped his wife as the husband was forced to watch helplessly. They were able to get away on were just looking forward to the next occurrence. The woman of their next plot was a lot cleverer and did not fall for the boy’s begging at the door act. She implied that she was not comfortable letting a stranger in, but the determination of evil that ran in the boy’s mind did not let them give up. Alex simply broke into the home and got into a fight with the woman when she tried to resist. This brawl......

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