A Day on Lake Chicot

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Tiffany Burton
November 16, 2012
English Comp 1

A Day on Lake Chicot Waking up to see a beautiful, blue, sky on a hot, July, summer morning is my kind of scenery. As I roll out of bed raising my arms high above my head to stretch, I can not help but admire the view of the sun beaming down on the twenty mile long oxbow, natural lake. My anticipation to participate in the water filled activities that awaits the day is at an all-time high. I immediately rush to my swim suit draw, and pull out my favorite hot pink swimming suit. I rush down stairs to start the day off with my daddy’s famous chocolate gravy and biscuits, which is an original breakfast that we have before a full day on the lake. Before we take off on the boat, we have to make sure that we are fully prepared. First I make sure we have all the essential items like beach towels, sunscreen, tanning lotion, drinks in the ice chest, and snack food. While I am getting those items together, my dad and brother are making sure that our two decker party barge has a full tank of gas, plenty of life jackets, and the fun but dangerous intertube. After everything is loaded onto the red and tan barge, we have to unload it off the trailer into the lake using our boat ramp. This is usually a task, but definitely worth the hassle. Now that we are in the water the fun begins! As soon as my dad gets to the middle of the lake, there will be some big splashes from me and my friends jumping in. Jumping off into the lake from the top deck of the party barge for the first time of the day is always the best. There is nothing like flying through the hot summer air and splashing into the cool lake. My all-time favorite thing to do off of the top deck is a back flip. The adrenaline rush from flipping off the side of the deck into the water is almost as scary as riding the intertube with my father driving. After…...

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