A Fight for Rights

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7 November 2013
A Fight for Rights Standing up and fighting for rights within the community is worthless if there are not supporters who believe in the fight as well. Within Tommie Shelby’s “Social Identity and Group Solidarity” he discusses how African Americans must come together and stand up against racial and social injustice. Shelby implies that black solidarity needs to be emphasized more towards the community on how we should be treated equally because we are human and should not be judged based off our race and culture. Race should not limit anyone’s role within the community or deprive them from who they are. K. Anthony Appiah’s “Race, Culture, Identity: Misunderstood Connections” is a perfect example as to why race should not define people as a whole. Appiah believes that we should not be catergozired in these racial groups because it takes away from our nation sticking together as a one. Both authors make it clear that race should not deprive anyone of human rights because every human deserves to have equal rights. Shelby discusses that in order to eliminate the black stereotypical image; African Americans must unite and call upon each other to fight towards racial injustice. Shelby states “Blacks are a people whose members need to work together to bring about their collective self- realization as a people” (585). This statement shows that Shelby strongly believes that African Americans should utilize black solidarity to the best of their capability to end racial injustice and to be treated equally with full freedom. Shelby does not want the reason for blacks to come together to fight for rights to be the identification of race, but to be because everyone deserve equal human rights. Most pragmatic nationalists believe that collective identity would make African Americans come together more than anything to…...

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