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As per your input, you have a business of producing Sewing thread tubes/cones which you market under your brand name, which was incorporated on 7/16/2008. At present you buy dyed yarn from the market and simple package them as tubes/cones for your customers.
Like all Gujrati entrepreneurs, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani is the role model and you have a dream to set up your own polyester manufacturing mill. In the process, you also dream that one day, you will have a net worth of 100 cores of rupees.
In this report, we will first analyze whether you have the potential to realize this dream in your life astrologically as per your natal chart. We will also analyze the astrological signatures for next 5 years w.r.t your natal chart and transit of each planet through your natal chart, to capture the potential ups and downs in your business during next 5 years.

A) Basic Astrological Parameters:
Your Birth Chart:

The important parameters in your birth chart:
Your Ascendant: Aquarius
Your Sun-Sign: Libra
Your Moon-Sign: Gemini
Exalted Planet: Rahu & Ketu
Debilitated Planet: Sun
Retrograde Planet: Saturn

Natal status of each of the planets in your chart:
We have listed above the natal promise of all the 9 Vedic planets in the chart based on their status in the chart. There are likely to be lot of contradictions about their significance in different aspects of life. The same planet may be beneficial for a particular aspect in one’s life by it’s house location but it can be inauspicious for the same aspects in life because of the lordship of houses in the chart. One planet can be beneficial for a particular aspect in life and can promise great success and at the same time another planet can be most inauspicious and promise complete failure for the same aspects in life.
Usually different astrological effects do not cancel or neutralize each other. Both the positive as well as the negative effects can affect a person’s life.

How much positive and how much negative will depend on the planet’s strength, it’s functionality whether auspicious or inauspicious, and it’s dignity in the chart, and also it’s strength in the chart.
These calculations are complex and are not only made for the natal chart but is also made on the different divisional charts which are derived from the natal chart. An astrologer has to examine all these quantitative and qualitative aspects of each planet in the chart, before he can make a final judgment about each planet on how much positive and how much negative effects the planet will be responsible for different aspects of life in a person. His experience will also play a key role to arrive at a final judgment.
We give below in a table the strength of each planet in the chart and what will be the overall role of the planet in a person’s life as per the astrologer’s judgment.

on Sign location) Lordship


Planet Natal Strengths






Debilitat ed Neutral




















































Weak ineffective Good























Explanation of Natal status of Planet Table
A) Dignity:
Dignity of planet is based on it’s relationship with the sign where it is located in the natal chart: The dignity largely decides what kind of results the planet will give in it’s period /subperiods/sub-sub periods. If the dignity is good then there are bound to be good results. If the dignity is not good then there are bound to be some bad results. No matter whether the planet is functionally benefic/malefic or strong and week in different strength calculations.
The dignity of any planet can be any of the following in descending order of the planet’s ability to give good results during its period/sub-periods/sub-sub periods.
1 Exalted: results most outstanding
2 Mool trikona: results excellent

3 Own: results good in general
4 Great Friend: Generally good results
5 Friend: Mixed but generally ok
6 Enemy: Mixed but generally malefic
7 Great Enemy: Generally malefic
8 Debilitated: most challenging
B) Lord ship and functionality:
Lord ship of each planet as per different ascendants in the natal chart indicates functionality of the planet for different aspects in our life throughout our life. Functionality can be Auspicious, Inauspicious, Neutral, Most Auspicious or most Inauspicious
C) Different Strength calculations of the Planet and their significance:
1 ShadBal: This is the absolute modular strength of the planet and signifies the quantum of it’s effects in our life irrespective of the functional status or dignity. A Benefic planet with low
Shadbal must be strengthened with Gem therapy to make it more effective. A malefic planet with high shadbal must not be strengthened with Gem therapy because it’s malefic effects will increase also Instead they must be harmonized with Yantra or propitiated with
Yagnas and Mantras. This strength is very important for astrologer while he recommends astrological remedies. The minimum effective shadbal should be 1.0. The maximum can go up to 2.5 in a chart.
2 Vimsopak Bal: Vimsopak Bal is calculated based on the dignity of the planet in 16 divisional charts computed from the Natal chart. Each divisional chart signifies a specific aspect of life. For example Navamsa chart signifies spouse and marital life. The Dasamsa chart signifies profession and career. The maximum Vimsopak bal of a planet can be 20, which will signify the planet will be beneficial for most aspects in life. An average strength of
10 will signify the planet will have mixed effects for different aspects of life. Less than 10 will signify the planet will be mostly inauspicious in most aspects in our life.
3 Ashtakbarga Natal strength: This signifies the potential of the planet to deliver positive results during transit in relation with other planets positive and negative effects. The maximum strength can be 8, which signifies the planet can give outstanding results in transit. For Saturn and Mars, if the Ashtakbarga strength is more than 3 units, it will mean it will give generally positive results. For remaining 5 planets (excluding Rahu/Ketu) the natal strength must be 5 units or more to have the potential to deliver beneficial results in relation to all other planets.
Your astrologer will consider all these factors before he makes his final judgment. His judgment will be as follows:
1 Outstanding
2 Excellent
3 Very good
4 Good
5 Mixed

6 Challenging
7 Most challenging

Significance and status of each house in the natal chart:
In the explanation of your horoscope chart, we have indicated the different houses in your chart. It is the houses which relate to different aspects in a person’s life. A house is most influenced by the planets located in a particular house. Next the house is influenced by lord or the ruling planet of a particular house. A house is also influenced by the planets which aspect the house in the natal chart. There are 2 different methods to measure the strength of each house in the chart quantitatively. Given below are two tables. Table 1 indicates which aspects of life are signified by a specific house and also the natural planet(s) signifier
(Karaka) of each house.
Table 2 gives each house and it’s strength as well as the planets which influence each house in your chart either by location, lordship or by aspects in your chart. It also gives the final judgment of the astrologer and it’s overall status in your life for each house in your natal chart.
Table 1
House Number ign

Sign Name






Attributes of each of the 12 house
Physical Self, appearance, basic disposition, behavior, general well being.

Finances, liquid assets, accumulation of wealth, general family happiness, food & drink, speech, spiritual status of knowledge, precious metals/gems, concentration, truthfulness etc.




Determination, courage, physical strength, siblings, friends, neighbors, art, dance, drama, music, voice, singing, memory, communications, writing etc.









Feelings, mother, the home, emotions, and happiness in general, academic education, knowledge, fixed assets, hobbies, leisure time, comforts, houses, boats, vehicles.
progeny, pregnancy, inclination towards education/spiritual authorship.




Sat, Mar

Services & defense, health or short term diseases, competition, rivals, opposition, litigation, enemies, intimidation, calamities from the opposite sex etc.





Marriage, love affairs including extramarital, cohabitation, marriage like relationships, length of mate’s life, business partnerships, trade, foreign residence etc.





Unknown & the chronic, longevity, hidden things, scandalous behavior, embarrassment, shyness, accusations, desire for knowledge of the unknown or mystical matters, extravagance, unearned wealth such as lotteries, wills, legacies, money from insurances claims etc.




Jup, Sun

Luck & knowledge, god, guru, philosophy, religion, father, relationship with father, bosses, ethics, law, dharma (right action), long distance travel, good fortune, spiritual knowledge &




Mer, Jup

Career, life purpose, profession, fame, father’s reputation or position in the world, father’s health and longevity, righteous action, compassions etc.





Opportunities, cash flow, profits, fulfillment of dreams and desires, hopes, friends, wishes elder sibling, influential friends etc. XII



Jup, Sat

Liberation, enlightenment, sexual pleasures, detention, confinement (hospitals, prisons, long term mediation etc.) pilgrimages or journeys to foreign land and expenditure: house of decrease. Table 2
House Number



(BB) Y

Astrologer Remarks

Ma, Ju

(AB) X


As, Sa





Su, Me, Sa



Very Good




Ma, Ve, Ke





Mo, Ju




























Su, Me







Ma, Ve, Ke


Sa, Ra







Mo, Ju












If the A. B. score is 28 or more, that house and the aspects of life, the house signifies flourish well. Greater the score, better the results. If the A. B. score is less then 28, the individual faces difficulties and suffers in life in those aspects, which the house signifies.
The lower the score greater will be the difficulties and obstacles in life.
House strength by method B (Bhava Bal) signifies if the score strength of a house is more than 7.5, the aspects signified by that house flourishes more in our life.
Greater the score, better the results. The lower score greater will be the difficulties and obstacles in life. Final remark is the considered judgment about each houses made by our astrologer, who has analysed your chart.

B) Your Astrological Competence for success in your own business:

We have identified 7 pillars of success, which are determined by the status of 7 planets in your chart. Given below the percentage score of each of the 7 parameters or core competence computed from your chart.
Are you planning to set a new business? Or want to know that when will your business reach the heights of success? A business no matter small or big, is one's ability to garner different resources like men, money, machinery & material and then providing unique products or services by making best utilization of those resources. Successful business by definition is a self sustaining machinery to create wealth in economic terms. The following 7 parameters, we have identified, which are necessary to ensure success in business.
Astrological chart of the driver of business must validate the presence of these qualities in ample quantity in his/her personality:
1.Leadership and power
2.Popularity and brand value
3.Focus and result orientation
4.Selling and transaction ability
5.Strategy and planning
6.Creativity and innovation
7.Discipline and responsibility
You can be the owner of a business, the CEO, or the managing director or may have some other position but what is essential is that you are the driver of your business. But how much you are compatible to run a business, this depends on your score based on these 7 parameters that determines your strengths and weaknesses as a business man or a professional. It is not necessary that you as a driver of a business have to score high in each pillar. The area where you score low, helps you to identify the barrier between you & your success and guides you towards the path of improvement and area to be focused upon. If you score more than 50 % then you have a scope to get successful in business today or tomorrow. For a triumphant future in your business or to create a self sustaining wealth producing system with available resources, you must also have the magical x factor – 'The
Entrepreneur Quality' in you. Entrepreneurship is the magical power to identify a viable opportunity for business at the right time and right place. He may fail, but he does not give up. Ultimately he strikes gold.
This program has calculated the strength of planets in your natal chart, which will determine your over all score of planets. The maximum strength that planets can have as per this program will be 100% and The minimum strength that planets can attain as per this program will be zero %. both are almost impossible in any chart.

Your chart has scored 63%.
You have good prospects of succeeding in a business, all you need is to look for a favorable time. Your skills and potential indicates that you can go far in this line. Just wait for the right time and opportunity, decisions taken in hurry may ruin your dreams. If you are planning to open a new business there are prospects of its success just move forward with an apt strategy.
Positive Aspects
Planet sun is the singnificator of power and leadership in ones life. Your sun scores a quite high and indicates that you have leadership caliber to guide any business.
Only when our strategy is right, we can think of expansion , value addition and positive growth in our business. Your Jupiter is strong and scores quite high, this indicates that with your good strategies and planning you can definitely succeed in a business.
Negative Aspects
No matter, what is our specific function in our career but the need of creativity and innovation prevails at every step. Your Venus scores a quite low this indicates the lack of creativity and power of innovation in you. This may act as a barrier between you and your success, so you must depend on other professionals to help you on this aspect.
The overall success % for business in your chart is 63%. This is a reasonable starting validation astrologically that business will be suitable for you. This report indicates that your greatest strength will be leadership qualities and your need for power and status through business success. The other great strength is your discipline and a sense of responsibility, persistence and consistency and “Never say Die” attitude till you achieve your goal.
However the report also indicates that you need to give serious attention to your own brand

value and popularity to be able to create trust in the minds of your customers for your products and services.
If you examine the graph, you will also observe that you need to concentrate and strengthen your selling infrastructure, your strategy and planning process, creativity and innovation area. The planets governing these functions in your chart are not strong enough.
At appropriate time through your business growth, you will have to depend on professionals to help you to strengthen these functions.
Finally last but not least, as per your chart, you may have a tendency to lose focus and result orientation on your day to day operations, amidst your grand dream. You have to make today of your business happen before you can dream of your grand tomorrow.

Your Primary Motivation, which will drive you to success in your business: Your Ascendant is Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is retrograde which is good news and is located in the Ascendant in it’s own sign. Ascendant signifies the way we will express our body, mind and soul to the world at large. The way world will perceive us or the way we will project ourselves to the world. As sign no. 11, it indicates the group or society and our need to make our signature within the group. When Saturn is retrograde, then the personality of Aquarius becomes quite positive; otherwise Aquarius personality can be most self negative among all the signs. In your society, success usually is attributed to business success, and the role model of that success is as I have mentioned earlier is that of Dhirubhai Ambani who from very ordinary background achieves the pinnacle of success pure through his own efforts and daring and entrepreneur skill. This is the driving motivation for you for your business success.
Further exalted Rahu is located in your 4th house, the house of contentment and physical and emotional security. Rahu in your 4th house will make you always restless, and will never allow you to be content with your achievement. Every success that you will achieve will only drive you to achieve the next level of success.

Strength and Weakness in your personality as per your chart:
We will now analyze your basic strengths and weakness in your personality which will be either supportive for your business success or will be challenges that you must overcome in order to be successful in your own business venture.
Your Strength:
As already mentioned, your strength is your leadership qualities. You desire to acquire status and recognition within your society through your business success.
Your strength is your persistence and never give up attitude till you succeed.

Your weakness:
You may be in too much of a hurry. You would continuously like to grow without consolidating your success. As a result you may overextend yourself. You have to realize as part of your Karmic destiny, Saturn will not give you easy success. Saturn will make you struggle all the way, but eventually Saturn will grant you your desired success level. As per today’s standard, you have become an entrepreneur rather late in your life at the age of 43.
But you must not take short cuts and you must consolidate your gain before you attempt the next level of success.

The magical X factor of entrepreneurship:
Entrepreneurship is all about timing. That is taking the risk at the right time on the right opportunity. Astrologically this will mean a favourable perfect combination of Dasha and transit in your chart, when you must identify the right opportunity and strike the iron when it is hot neither too early nor too late. If this combination comes at the right age, then you are lucky and you will have the magical X factor for success. How right and how powerful is the combination will decide the level of success in your life.
When Dhirubhai chose to create Reliance, it is the right time. It was an innovative and totally new opportunity in the market place, and the market needed it. But when you would like to enter, it is already a mature industry. The entry barrier is very high in every respect whether it is finance, competition, the scale required to make it viable etc. etc. Hence I would advice you to think out of the box, and you have to have some innovative ideas about your product/ market/technology matrix. Within the same segment, you must come out with an innovative opportunity. Your present ME TOO strategy will not help you to achieve your goal. If you cannot think by yourself, then you must have strategic alliance with somebody else who can then come out with such idea. However you must have the right skill to identify such a partner. I will only comment here that astrologically the 7 th house, the house of partnership in your chart is outstanding. Partnership is not always about sharing capital and profit but it could be sharing of knowledge, idea and innovation also. Favorable indication of Wealth in your chart:
Dhanayoga in your chart:
11th house in our chart is the house of income. 2nd house in the chart is the house of wealth accumulated or your net financial worth. Lord of 2nd and lord of 11th house in your chart is
Jupiter. Jupiter is located in 5th house; the house of creativity and intelligence is a good
“Dhanayoga” in your chart. This signifies you will earn wealth through your creativity and intelligence. Further Ashtakbarga score of 10th house in your chart is 29, which is above 28.
The Ashtakbarga score of 11th house in your chart. This indicates that effort to reward ratio in your chart is 33/29 which is greater than 1. Your rewards will always be higher than your efforts. This is also another favorable indication of wealth in your chart.

9th house lord Venus is located in your 10 th house constitutes first class Rajyoga for business success in your chart. Venus is also 4th house lord, which indicates your business success will come in your motherland only.
10th House and 3rd house lord Mars is well placed in 10th house in it’s own sign only. This is also a favourable signature for success in your profession through your own efforts only

Challenges in creation of wealth in your chart:
Jupiter the signifier of wealth is located in the Nakshatra of Rahu. Though Rahu is exalted in 4th house of your chart, but by it’s very nature, it will cause certain ups and downs in your income and wealth throughout your life.
Jupiter the signifier of wealth and the planet responsible for the Dhanayoga is not very powerful in your chart. As such it will remain ineffective unless you strengthen Jupiter through astrological remedy.
Similarly, the Yogakaraka Venus in your chart is again not very strong and effective, unless you strengthen the same with astrological remedy.
Lord of 7th house, the house of partnership and also business transaction is debilitated and located in 9th house of your chart. Sun signifies Government, large organizations like biggest polyester manufacturers, and even large financial institutions or banks may not be very supportive to you in your expansion plan. Sun also signifies your father. Your chart indicates that in your business, you may not get any physical or material support from your father. What Kind of business will be suitable for you as per your chart?
Mars is the lord of 10th house and is also located in your 10 th house, Scorpio. Mars in your
Navamsa chart is also located in Scorpio in 7th house. Mars is the strongest planet in your chart. It is Vargottama in your chart. Venus and Ketu are also located in your 10 th house.
However Mars is far stronger and more beneficial for you. It is Mars, which will determine the favorable profession or business for you. Mars does denote engineering production or anything to do with energy. However, the most important business that will be signified by
Mars will be real estate, land and agriculture. Mars also signifies automobile business or anything that deals with energy. Mars will also deal with military and defence production.
Venus deals with luxury items and life style items like high end garments, jewellery etc.
Ketu deals with poison or secret work. To that extent, manufacture of polyester or dealing in polyester yarn is definitely the significance of Ketu placed in your 10th house.

Astrological significance and suitability of your present business:
Astrologically, your present business of winding polyester yarn can be attributed to Ketu in your 10th house, as mentioned above. This is further authenticated by the fact that you had incorporated your business on 16th July 2008 and most likely it became operational from
Mercury/Saturn/Ketu period between 4th September 2008. This was also known as Ketu period in your life as you had completed 43 years of age and Ketu has brought major
Karmic changes in your life and made you an entrepreneur. You also have entered 7 years

main period of Ketu from 24th July 2010 till 24th July 2017. Ketu is also exalted in your chart.
However during Ketu period, I will later in the report will advice some diversification which will signify a combination of Mars and Ketu astrologically.

Astrological Signatures for next 5 years to decide when to start your business: Principles of Dasha System:
The Dasha Vichar or planetary periods of Vedic Astrology provide a unique and comprehensive system for judging the effects of planets throughout the development of our lives. They are the most accurate system for showing how the planets distribute their effects through time and the different stages of our lives.
The most common of these systems of planetary periods is the Vimshottari Dasha or the
"120-year cycle". This follows a predetermined sequence, the starting point of which is determined by the longitude of Moon at the time of birth. In it, each of the seven major planets plus the two Lunar Nodes are given specific periods. This entire life span is divided into different main periods of planets and within this main period, there are sub-periods of all the planets and then each sub-period can be divided into sub-sub-periods of planets.
The effects of the planets become most operative during the Main Dasha or the sub-Dasha.
The transit effects and the relation between the Main planet and the sub-planet also determine whether the good effects will be more predominant or the bad ones.
Dasha calculation method : by degree
Dasha System Vimsottari

Dasha calculation method : by degree
Dasha System Vimsottari Antar Dasha

You will observe that between 24th July, 2010 till 20th December, 2010 you will be experiencing 7 years main period of Ketu. Ketu is located in 10th house, the house of profession from Ascendant in your chart. Ketu is also exalted in your chart. You will definitely very active pursuing your professional goal during the Ketu period. However Ketu is also located in 2nd house from Sun in your natal chart. 2 nd house is the house of accumulation of wealth. This is the macro direction of main period of Ketu in your life. This is certainly a favorable signature for consolidation of your business as well as to implement a correct strategy for expansion and growth in your business from the present level.
The good news is 7 years main period of Ketu will be followed by 20 years main period of
Venus. Venus is also located in 10th house from Ascendant which is also the 2nd house from
Sun in your natal chart.
Venus is functionally the most auspicious planet in your chart and is called the Yogakaraka for your chart in whose period , destiny will bring many new opportunities for consolidation of your wealth and your net worth through your business activity. Venus period will be between 24th July, 2017 till 24th July, 2037 .
This will be also the last but most active period for you professionally and for business success. Astrological transit signatures with respect to your natal chart for next 5 years: The Jupiter Transit:
Jupiter the main signifier of wealth in your chart is presently transiting through your second house ,Pisces the house of wealth. Jupiter usually takes one year approximately to transit through own sign. Over next 5 years Jupiter will transit from 2nd house to 6th house in your chart. During these 5 years Jupiter will conjoin Rahu in the 4 th house of your natal chart as well as Jupiter and Moon in the 5th house of your natal chart. These conjunctions will trigger major events in your life. The Ashtakbarga transit strength of Jupiter is more or less ok as it transits through your 2nd house and 3rd house. However it will be most challenging when it will transit through your 4th house, Taurus, and will also conjoin natal Rahu in your 4th house between 20th May, 2012 till 7th June, 2013, You need to watch out this period very carefully as Rahu and Jupiter combine can cause a major set back for you in your business.
However the good news is Jupiter will be extraordinarily favorable for you in transit when it will transit through between July, 2014 till 1 st July, 2015. This is likely to coincide with a major success window for your business.
For Jupiter transit , the dates that I am giving you must be factored by +/- 3 months before and after the transit.
The Saturn Transit :
Saturn is presently transiting through 8th house , Virgo from your Ascendant, till 4th August,
2012. 8th house transit of Saturn is supposed to be challenging and stressful. Fortunately
Saturn is functionally auspicious planet for your chart being the lord of Ascendant and Lord of 12th house.
Saturn by it’s very nature has some malefic aspect associated with it specially because it is also 12th house lord the house of expenditure and losses. The transit strength of Saturn is not bad . It is just about acceptable. Hence while it is transiting through 8 th house, some of the expenses that you will incur may turn out to be losses instead of it being investment for future growth and success. However for next 5 years, after 4th August, 2012; Saturn will transit through your 9th house, till around 31st October, 2014 and then through your 10th house till around 31st October, 2017. The last transit will definitely be most favorable for your business success, as per it’s transit strength. This will also mark more or less the end of main period of Ketu in your life . Astrologically by end of Ketu period your business should have very firm foundation from which you will be able to grow to much greater heights during the 20 years main period of Venus which you will experience after the main period of Ketu. The dates given about Saturn transit, the results must be factored by +/- 6 months .
The transit of Rahu/Ketu:
Rahu/Ketu are presently transiting through your 11th /3rd house axis which is
Sagittarius/Gemini in your chart, till around 15th April, 2011. This will be followed by the pair’s transit through your 10th/4th house which is Scorpio/Taurus till around 7th January,

2013. During this later transit ,both Rahu/Ketu will conjoin with each other’s natal positions in your chart, signifying the trigger of a major Karmic change in your profession and business. The dates given must be factored by +/- 4 months before and after the transit.
Whether these changes should signify growth or setback will be determined by the other transits as well as the dasha system already discussed before.

Ups and downs in life and in business success for next 5 years through the lens of Karma Index:
From Date To Date

Best >= 600



Wealt Effort Happine Creativit Diseas Spous Windfal Destin Vocatio Desir Detachme
h s ss y e e l y n e nt








































518 1332




















432 -1041












641 -509

























-88 -114












183 1923












70 1944


Mixed < 600 And >= 200

Average < 200 And >= 30

Worst < 30

Soul Index:
This gives the progress of astrological signature for the Soul. As such, this Index signifies the health of our inner and outer self and how we are building up our physical and mental potential. It represents the inner self
(the Soul), and the outer self (the Body). It indicates the way we project ourselves--our behavior and attitude to the external world, as well as our physical attributes.
Wealth Index
This indicates the progress of astrological signature for our capacity to accumulate material wealth. It projects our earning capacity through our own efforts and represents how we are managing the surplus between our income and expenditure of material possessions to create a continuous flow of wealth. Since such wealth can be used for the prosperity of our entire family and society, this index will also signify the material prosperity of our entire family and our extended family.
Efforts Index
This represents our basic energy in life and gives the progress of astrological signature on how effectively we are utilizing our inherent courage and efforts. This signifies the impulse and intention that drive us, and monitors whether we are being able to bring forth our full potential into our Karma or not. Since our siblings and friends are meant to help us in our efforts, this index also signifies the astrological signature for the

prosperity, and our relations with our siblings and friends. A logical extension of this is that this index reflects our capacity to project our will on the external world, our overall communication effectiveness.
Happiness Index
This gives the astrological signature of our capacity to feel good, and our basic emotional nature determining our capacity for joy in this life. Thus, this index signifies our physical and emotional security level, and monitors our capacity for rest and relaxation as well as peace of mind. The logical extension is that the index should capture our accumulations of creature comforts like good house, conveyance and other luxury items of comfort. On an emotional level, this index will measure our comfort level with our mother, family, motherland, in general everything that constitutes domestic bliss for our life.
Creativity Index
This gives the astrological signature of our potential to create new things and new ideas. It monitors how creatively we are utilizing our knowledge, our karma, our desire and our efforts. It signifies our level of intelligence. Thus when we are young, this index will give the signature for our educational and academic achievements. This index is also one of love, specifically for children. The finest example of our desire and sensual pleasure is the birth of our progeny from our union of love. Thus, this index gives the astrological signature for the well being and prosperity of our children. This index also captures our feelings of love and romance for another person. It tracks infatuations and love affairs but not relationships of long-term commitment, which are represented by the Spouse Index.
Disease Index
This gives the astrological signature for disturbance of ease in our life. Disease actually means Disturbance of
Ease ' for any aspect of life. If it is disturbance of ease for the physical body, a negative value of index will represent ' illness '. If it is disturbance of ease in vocation, the negative value of index will represent enmity, obstacles, litigation, and debts. It normally signifies oppositions, difficulties and obstacles in life. A positive value of index will represent that we are being able to carry out all our ' Karma ' without any obstacles, and even if there are obstacles we will be able to overcome them successfully.
Spouse Index
This gives the astrological signature of our relationships with our partners in life, and also signifies their well being. The most important partner in our life is our life partner and that is why we call this index the ' Spouse
Index '. This will also indicate our successes and failures in our business negotiations, and in trading activities. It will also indicate relations with our business associates and partners. This index also captures astrological signatures for short journeys that we may undertake. A positive value of the index will mean successful short journeys and a negative value of the index will mean problems and difficulties in such journeys Windfall Index
This gives the astrological signature for sudden unexpected fortunes and misfortunes. Though windfall is usually associated with gain, we are using this term to signify both unexpected gains and losses. These events are not expected, strike suddenly and seem to be unavoidable. The positive index value signifies unexpected monetary gains like unexpected inheritance, or gains in gambling, speculation and lotteries. It also signifies unexpected new opportunities and contacts, which will be profitable. The negative index value signifies the reverse--calamities, accidents, and losses in speculation, gambling and even death. As mentioned already, these are the results of past Karmas and Destiny and, according to us, this is that one index which probably cannot be altered by our own efforts. The difference between the Disease index and this index is that the Disease index is not unexpected and sudden, but this one is. However, one can make contingency plans through one's efforts to minimize the impact.
Destiny Index
This gives the astrological signature for our "Destiny". It represents our prime values, principles, and ideals as well as spiritual and ethical disposition. It signifies the honor, prestige, recognition and acceptance we will receive in this life. If this index is positive and going up during a particular period, it signifies that Destiny is favorable to us and whatever efforts we put in will produce favorable results. If this index is negative and

going down, it means destiny is unfavorable and we will have to put additional and more creative energy to achieve success in our efforts.
Vocation Index
This gives the astrological signature of how we will progress in our Vocation, how we will perform our ordained duties and the effect of our actions upon the world. Thus, this index will depict our professional success and failure, and our social status, power and influence. This index will also depict the well being of our father like the Happiness Index represents the well being of our mother. In general this index will signify our relations with Government, our superiors and people in authority.
Desire Index
This gives the astrological signature of how our desires are being fulfilled. Thus, this index depicts actual material gain or income that we achieve through our efforts, creativity, and our vocations. A positive value and upward trend may indicate that our gain may be even higher than the efforts that we are actually putting.
Similarly ,a negative value and downward trend may indicate that our gain will not be commensurate to our efforts. Detachment Index
This gives the astrological signature of how our material and physical assets are getting detached from us.
This index will depict our material outflow, expenditure or losses. Thus, a positive index will denote expenditures for profitable investments, or expenses for a noble cause like charity. In today 's global economy, a positive index can also mean successful and profitable foreign relations and ventures. A negative index will indicate investments turning sour and expenditures purely for gratification of our senses and physical desires.

Comments on Karma Index table for next 5 years:
The Karma Index accumulated values for 6 months interval for a period of 5 years are given in the 13th column in the table. These values are not algebraic additions of first 12 columns. Karma index values depict the overall signatures in your life during next 5 years.
The different indexes have their specific significances corresponding to different aspects in your life.
From the overall point of view, the most bullish period or happy period in your life will be between 1st December, 2011 to 31st May, 2012 followed by 1 st June, 2014 to 30th
November, 2014. The most challenging periods in your life will be between 1st June, 2012 till 31st May, 2014. The remaining periods will be more or less average or business as usual as it stands today. This challenging period is also authenticated by my comments on various transits that I had discussed above. Also Dasha wise this period will coincide with
Ketu/Sun period and Ketu/Moon period between 20th February, 2012 till 25th January, 2013.
Hence you need to be extremely cautious and careful and must plan beforehand on how you will cope with unexpected challenges specially in your business.
I will comment on other index values when I discuss the various strategic issues concerning your business success for next 5 years:

Most Favorable/Bullish periods for business success for next 5 years:
Undoubtedly this will be during 1st December, 2011 to 31st May, 2012.

You will see that both your confidence level as well as your efforts level will be very high as reflected by Soul index and effort index. You are likely to initiate clear new strategy and a plan of growth to take your business to a different level altogether from the present level.
The creative index is very high during this period reflecting that you will be able to formulate a clear , creative and doable strategy during this period. The Vocation index is also very high indicating your leadership will be at peak level to guide the destiny of your business.
Astrology will provide you with this window of opportunity , but it is for you to make the best use of this opportunity and to not waste this opportunity by being too cautious or by being too proactive and overextending yourself.

Most Challenging/bearish periods for business success for next 5 years:
The most challenging period during next 5 years will be between 1 st June, 2012 till 31st
May, 2013. The most important problem is likely to be cash-flow, and you may face a severe cash crunch. This is reflected in highly negative Desire Index during this 1 year period. The overall industry that you are serving may be affected by serious recession and lack of demand. You will be simply unlucky as reflected by highly negative Destiny index value. A very important customer on whom you depend may be unable to pick up his commitment and you may be stuck with unsold inventory. This is reflected by negative spouse index during this period.
However the good news is Vocation index will still be positive during this period and you might have a survival plan and reserves to tide over during this difficult period.

Growth Strategy for next 5 years astrologically :
You cannot simply depend on business as usual approach and can depend on purely organic growth in your business. You are in a highly competitive industry which makes your profitability specially low with your present level of business. You have to identify inorganic growth opportunities. Your present dream and thinking of having a complete backward integration and to be able to set up polyester plan during next 5 years is simply unrealistic from the present level of business. Instead you must think of diversifying into a complete new business as suggested earlier to you on what kind of business will be suitable for you as per your chart.
Alternatively you should seek opportunities like going forward in the production chain. You are presently serving the traditional Knitting industry. You may think of high value special yarn to serve special requirements of high value garment manufacturers or even create strategic partnership to go up the value chain. You can also think of very special products within your line to service specialized industries like defence, electronics etc. I cannot suggest what these products will be, you will have to identify them. The bottom line is you have to go up the value chain which will not require investment like polyester manufacturing plant. The best time to get into such venture has been already discussed in the most bullish period during next 5 years.

The best times for you to finalize and initiate your growth plans during next 5 years
1)1st June, 2011 to 31st May, 2012
2) 1st June, 2014 to 31st May, 2015
During both these periods your creative index will be very high. Destiny index will also be very high simultaneously.

Survival Strategy For next 5 years :
We have already identified the most challenging period during next 5 years. You have to plan before hand and must have back up reserves to meet your working capital requirement during this difficult period through external source of funding.

Financing and source of financing for next 5 years:
In business finance can be raised either through your internal reserves or your own capital.
There is a very limited possibility of the same at your present level of operation. The other sources could be either equity or debt. Debt servicing will be really difficult including availability of debt for you at your present level of business and profitability. Your best option will be equity participation from friends and others for a completely new project as part of your inorganic growth strategy that I have discussed earlier. The best time for you to do so will be again between 1st December, 2011 till 31st May, 2012, when spouse index is high, windfall index is high as well as disease index is positive.

Recruitment and manpower strategy for next 5 years:
As per Karma index table, the favorable time window for expanding your man-power base will be during 1st December, 2012 to 31st May, 2013 when the disease index is positive for you. However it still indicates that it should be limited expansion plan for manpower.

Infrastructure investment for next 5 years:
The only favorable time window available for you during next 5 years for infra-structure investment either in space or in plant and machinery will be during 1 st December, 2011 to
31st May, 2012 when happiness index is positive . You should notice that this is the only period in entire 5 years when this index is positive . In general astrologically you are likely to experience lack of infra-structure throughout this period.

Strategic Alliance and Partnership during next 5 years :
For expansion as well as survival , you have to form strategic alliances with individuals for finance as well as for strategy and technology. You may have to form long term strategic alliances with other business organizations for marketing as well as production.
I have already stated that as per your chart partnership will be beneficial for you and it will be also sustainable. However you must be clear and realistic ,and fair when forming

partnership to assess objectively what each partner is bringing on the table, and that should be the basis of partnership.
The following periods will be best suitable to form strategic alliances and partnerships during next 5 years:
1st June, 2011 to 31st May, 2012
1st June, 2014 to 31st May, 2015
During both these periods both spouse index as well as destiny index will be highly positive for you.

Possibility of an IPO during next 5 years :
This is unlikely to be any relevant issue for your business during next 5 years .

Answer to your specific concerns:
Your two concerns of when you will have 100 cores or when you will start your own polyester manufacturing mill is not really any serious nor realistic concerns for you at this moment at the present level of business. It is totally in the realm of fancy and wishful dreams. However as I have advised you in the report, you have to seriously think of new strategy for inorganic growth and how to go up the value chain. You also seriously need to think about strategic partnership with other professionals to raise finance , technology, and to identify new product/market strategy so that you can really utilize and exploit the windows of oppor tunities for growth during next 5 years.

Astrological Remedies :
Astrological remedies can protect you from inauspicious effects of debilitated Sun in your chart. To realize your dream you need to neutralize your Sun ASAP.
You should wear a Numeric Surya Yantra. This is a lifetime recommendation for you.
In order to go anywhere beyond your present level of business, You will have to make both
Venus and Jupiter in your chart more effective than what they are in your natal chart by strengthening them through Gem therapy.
You should strengthen the planet Venus by wearing a Diamond weighing 0.5 to 0.6 carats in size. It must be mounted on a gold or white gold ring and worn on the middle finger of right hand. The gem must be put on first on a Friday morning.

You should strengthen the planet Jupiter by wearing a Yellow Sapphire weighing 5 to 6 carats in potency. It must be mounted on a gold ring and worn on the index finger of your right hand. The gem must be put on first on a Thursday morning.
On behalf of CyberAstro.Com
Satrajit Majumdar

NOTE: Getting best quality astrological gemstone is a very tough task nowadays. However, here is given the link for guidelines to select the right and best quality gemstone. Please follow this link before you choose a gemstone suggested by our astrologer: Please read…...

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