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A New Brand for Senior Health Plus

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Ch. 25; A New Brand for Senior Health Plus

Executive Summary
Growth and change in any organization can be a difficult time both for executives and for employees. When growth comes at an astounding rate, there are bound to be problems at all levels of the organization. Senior Health Plus (SHP) is a small, non-profit HMO based in Southern California. The company started as a grassroots organization that enjoyed a positive reputation for pioneering new ways to care for the elderly. This success has a price however, as the membership of SHP has grown exponentially in the past several years from 10,000 to 35,000 members. In response to this growth, management went on an expansion frenzy, moving all executives to a corporate headquarters, expanding regional offices from four to seven, and tripling their employees to 400. The CEO of SHP has given a mandate to create a brand for the company that will be instantly recognizable and will set SHP apart from their competitors. The study focuses on the newly created VP of Human Resources office and the conflict between herself and the VP of Marketing. The two are at odds not only on ideas for creating the brand, but also on how to change the entire culture of the organization. Is there such a thing as too much growth?

Part II
In this case study, the players are:
Jamie Richards. She is the VP of Human Resources which was a position created in response to the unprecedented growth that SHP has experienced in the last 3 years. Jamie’s position is only 10 months old. She had left another similar organization which had suffered from poor employee morale. She wanted to work for SHP because they were different. Jamie was attracted to SHP due to their grassroots foundation which allowed them to change the way managed care was delivered to their senior clients. She now finds herself in a situation where employees…...

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