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Team-building strategies outlined in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team include: (a) absence of trust, (b) fear of conflict, (c) lack of commitment, (d) avoidance of accountability, and (e) inattention to results (Lencioni, 2002, p. 187). Two useful strategies to focus on in order to reduce team conflict are—commitment and accountability.

Lack of commitment is most often a root-cause of many flawed team performances. This is because nearly everyone is permitted to march to the beat of a different drummer. No one really agrees with what has seemingly been agreed to, so they go on their individual own way to do what they really want to do. What results is a disjointed and confused outcome. Decisions are often delayed because there is little coherence to any plan or strategy. The leader must break this apparent stalemate by bringing clarity of purpose to the team and solicit complete buy-in among them. The leader must align the entire team around the objective such that the focus of each individual effort is clearly understood and that they are in agreement with the way forward (Lencioni, 2002, p. 208).

Lack of accountability is generally the root-cause of why an objective may not be accomplished as expected. Avoidance of accountability can coexist among normally highly motivated people that serve to undermine the objective by not holding others responsible for their errant actions or unproductive inactions (Lencioni, 2002, p. 189). The leader must pave the way to remove bureaucratic interferences and create an environment of trust and respect among the team such that everyone is held to the same standard. Thus, everyone can present and challenge the same level of expectation and performance in a respectful, but assertive manner of open dialog and common purpose (Lencioni, 2002, p. 214).

Lencioni, P. (2002).…...

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