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Task 2
1. Understanding motor controls / Stephen L. Herman. Category of works | Main Entry & Heading | Added Entry & Heading | Rules | Works of single personal authorship | Herman, Stephen L. | i. Title. | Entry: 21.4Heading: |

2. An introduction to equity derivatives: theory and practice / Saebastien Bossu & Philippe Henrotte Category of works | Main Entry & Heading | Added Entry & Heading | Rules | Shared responsibility with two person | Bossu, Saebastien. | i. Henrotte, Philippe. ii. Title. | Entry: 21.6BHeading: 22.5 |

3. Strategic marketing / Todd A. Mooradian, Kurt Matzler, Lawrence Kick Category of works | Main Entry & Heading | Added Entry & Heading | Rules | Shared responsibility with three person | Mooradian, Todd A. | i. Matzler, Kurt. ii. Kick Lawrence. iii. Title. | Entry: 21.30AHeading:21.6 |

4. Management the essentials / Stephen Robbins, Steve Mariotti, Caroline Glackin. And Naresh K. Roshan Category of works | Main Entry & Heading | Added Entry & Heading | Rules | Shared responsibility with four person | Robbins, Stephen. | i. Mariotti, Steve. ii. Glackin, Caroline. iii. Roshan, Naresh K. iv. Title. | Entry:21.6C2Heading: |

5. Advertising & IMC: principles & practice / Sandra Moriarty and Nancy Mitchell; edited by William Wells Category of works | Main Entry & Heading | Added Entry & Heading | Rules | Mixed responsibility | Mariarty, Sandra. | i. Mitchell, Nancy. ii. Wells, William. iii. Title. | Entry: 21.6B2Heading: 21.8 |

6. Organizational behavior / Prof. John R. Schermerhorn …[et al.]. Category of works | Main Entry & Heading | Added Entry & Heading | Rules | Shared responsibility | Organizational behavior | i. Schermerhom, John R, Prof. …[et al.]. ii. Title. | Entry:21.6c2Heading: |

7. Communicating in the…...

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