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[pic] Determine the QRS axis for this ECG:
|Top of|A. -100 degrees |
|Form | |
|[pic] | |
|Bottom| |
|of | |
|Form | |
|[pic] |B. -30 degrees |
|[pic] |C. +15 degrees |
|[pic] |D. +90 degrees |
|[pic] |E. Indeterminate |

Lead I is isoelectric and since aVF is positive, you know the axis is +90 degrees.

Determine the QRS axis for this ECG:

|Top of|A. -15 degrees |
|Form | |
|[pic] | |
|Bottom| |
|of | |
|Form | |
|[pic] |B. +15 degrees |
| | |
|[pic] |C. +60 degrees |
|[pic] |D. +105 degrees |
|[pic] |E. Indeterminate axis |

Occasionally each of the 6 frontal plane leads is small and/or isoelectric. The axis cannot be determined and is called indeterminate. This is a normal variant.

Occasionally each of the 6 frontal plane leads is small and/or isoelectric. The axis cannot be determined and is called indeterminate. This is a normal variant.
[pic]Determine the QRS axis for this ECG:

|Top of|A. -75 degrees |
|Form | |
|[pic] | |
|Bottom| |
|of | |
|Form | |
|[pic] |B. -30 degrees |
|[pic] |C. 0 degrees |
|[pic] |D. +45 degrees |
|[pic] |E. Indeterminate |
| | |

In this case there is no isoelectric lead, but two leads (I and aVR) are almost isoelectric. The axis is in between the two…...

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