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Abercrombie & Fitch Executive Brief of External Environment From 2011 Annual Report

Company Profile: Specialty in clothing retailer; operate store and direct to consumer operations; under Abercrombie & Fitch Abercrombie kids, Gilly Hicks, and Hollister brands; 1045 store in North America, Europe, and Asia. $3.5B net sales; 85,000 associates; HQ: New Albany, OH.

PESTLDG Analysis

Political/ legal

Donation to lobbying of $120,000, issue health care reform. Abercrombie & Fitch does not give a many contributions to lobbying. This could be because they will like something change in the Obama Health care law. Abercrombie & Fitch is no estranger to legal problem. In 2002 has two pulled a t-shirt that said “ Wong Brothers Laundry Service – Two Wongs Can Make It White” An Asian American student at Stanford University organized a successful boycott. In 2009, they settle a Discrimination lawsuit in 2009 for $40 million dollars to thousand of minority plaintiffs claimed that African American, Asian, and Hispanic workers were steered to the backroom instead to the sales floor. In 2008, an assistant manager filed a lawsuit against Hollister chain because she was asked to wear short skirt to keep with acceptable work attitude. This can damage the company image. Abercrombie & Fitch No Stranger to Look related lawsuit. In 2008, Muslim teenager was told during an interview that her head scarf would violate Abercrombie & Fitch’s strict but secretive “ Look Policy” The children employed by Abercrombie and Fitch manufacture work long hours, in dangerous working conditions and earn below minimum wage. In June of 2010, Abercrombie and Fitch was asked by the International labor Organization to consider child and human rights issues along with other matters. This request called for Abercrombie and Fitch to adopt and disclose a code of vendor…...

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...。 有別於其他業者,Abercrombie & Fitch (以下簡稱A&F)的目標客群鎖定「18歲到22歲,外貌與身材出眾的白人」,也堅持不賣大尺碼的衣服。商品定位在「休閒奢華」的運動服飾。此外,其廣告模特兒甚至店員全都是外貌出眾的年輕男女,一方面雖然成功的建立獨特的品牌文化,卻也招來許多批評和糾紛,其中包括種族歧視和員工待遇等問題,同為美國服飾品牌的Tommy Hilfiger就曾因為歧視華人而吃上官司,而2005年以前的蘋果也是強調市場區隔的經典個案。 但近年來,A&F積極在美國以外的地方開拓市場,甚至在亞洲開設分店。原先的品牌定位和市場區隔,似乎有了新的定位。而轉變背後的原因和過程以及未來的市場策略,包括消費者心態對於商品定位的影響等,成了我們主要研究的動機和方向。 二、公司簡介 A&F,美國休閒第一大牌,是當今年輕人最青睐的品牌,也是風靡美國大學生的品牌之一。1892年創立于美國紐約的A&F,已是美國本土的百年品牌,目前旗下共有Abercrombie & Fitch、Abercrombie Kids、Hollister、Gilly Hicks四個子品牌。 A&F的服裝在簡約的款式中做出有趣的創意設計,以高格調、高質量及超清新的美國街頭休閒風格為出發點,並站在年輕人的喜好角度,用音樂、運動及簡約款式來表現服裝的內涵,這樣的潮流由美加各地不斷漫延開來,深受歐美和亞洲青少年喜愛,其標誌性十足、誘惑力十足的美式形象風行全球,成為全球時尚的新指標。 Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (簡稱:A&F) | 創立時間及國家 | 1892年6月4日成立於美國紐約曼哈頓 | 代表人物 | David Abercrombie (大衛·亞伯克隆畢)─創立者Ezra Fitch (埃茲拉·費區)─共同創立者Michael Jeffries (麥克·傑佛瑞斯)─CEO兼總裁 | A&F公司總部 | 美國俄亥俄州新奧爾巴尼市 | 股票代號 | NYSE:ANF;為上市公司 | 產品類別 | 男、女休閒裝、運動裝、內衣 | 旗下四大品牌 | Abercrombie & Fitch、Abercrombie Kids、Hollister、Gilly Hicks | 公司網站 | www.abercrombie.com | 三、公司願景與使命 1.公司願景(vision): A&F對所有利益關係人說明公司願景: 「品牌」是我們的生活方式,是我們關注的焦點,也是成長及與維繫顧客間的橋樑,並非短時間內就能達成成效。但當冠上A&F這個標籤,它可以幫助我們吸引來自全國各地最有才華的年輕人,使我們有能力發展、創造出無窮的增長機會以確保長期盈利能力,並且提升產品的內在價值,快速穩定的成長並提供方向,以回應消費者。 2.公司使命(mission): A&F的使命側重於提供並推崇經典美式休閒生活方式的高品質商品。 四、目標客群定位 A&F旗下有四個子品牌 Abercrombie & Fitch、Abercrombie Kids、Hollister、Gilly Hicks分別針對不同年齡段的消費者: * Abercrombie & Fitch:針對18~22歲的大學生族群,A&F有逐年趨向成熟的味道。 * Abercrombie......

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...Investments BUY: ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH Analyst: Steve Bright The Midriff Exposed March 26, 2004 • We recommend ANF as a hold. Our price target of $34.23 is 6% below the current share price. • We believe the stock is fairly valued and should be purchased on dips. We remain cautious on the shares longer-term; we desire continued strong execution from Hollister and await ANF’s new concept store rollout. Source STOCKVAL • ANF continues to build cash and recently announced it will begin to pay a dividend in 04. Though beneficial to shareholders, we prefer to see management reduce prices with the intent to increase foot traffic and potential sales. We believe several competitors have begun to price apparel below that of ANF to increase their ROE. With regard to the dividend payment, we would have preferred for management to use the cash to repurchase shares, although the dividend is likely to appeal to value investors. • We believe ANF will continue to grow due to the overall structure of the industry. As teen spending continues to grow in proportion to the population, we believe there will be consolidation in the specialty retailers to leverage operations and brand recognition. Based upon the cash position of ANF, we expect ANF to be an acquirer of companies. • ANF has demonstrated the ability to successfully execute on its key critical success factors, including inventory management. We......

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... Abercrombie and Fitch Case Analysis MGT625 April 11, 2012 Elizabeth Payne Abstract Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F) is a typical mall front store. They have been in the business for a century and are not going anywhere. A&F sees their fair share of mock items and lawsuits. However, through it all, A&F has made it to be successful, overcome threats, and open similar chains to target a wider range age market. Introduction             Abercrombie & Fitch was founded in 1892 as a unique clothing store. Over the century in business they have made a distinct target for young adults. The fashion giant specializes in apparel for ages 18 through 22. “The 118-year-old retailer has been acknowledged for operating a top-notch internal system that expertly managed transactions, communicated with vendors and streamlined its supply chain operations to fulfill assortments across more than 1,000 stores,” (Amato-McCoy, 2011, para 3). The brand mainly produces casual apparel; anything from jeans to tee-shirts, summer dresses, and flip flops. They are iconic to the American young adult population around the globe. A&F is primarily found in the USA but has ventured into other global markets. The company has been praised and criticized for their marketing approach and brand style. Environmental Threats            A&F faces environmental threats based on the nature of their business. They are in the business of selling and marketing clothes to young adults. Other......

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