Acting Demand in Making a Movie

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Course: Acting Demands in the Making of a Movie

Film production is an art that tries to reveal the realities of a given society at present, in the past or the anticipated future occurrences in a society or the whole universe. Besides entertainment, movies are made with the object of perpetuating a given theme. Actors’ choices and circumstances are the major tools for enhancing a given theme in a film (Gong, 27). Moreover, films are produced with an insightful and educative view to bringing to light past occurrences in a given situation or a society with different themes embedded. To build these themes in a film of a given genre, the actors are faced with numerous and varying demands that requires them to feature in multiple scenarios and faces numerous circumstances. This paper seeks to analyze the acting demands faced by the main actors in the movies: Spartacus and The Year of Living Dangerously. Spartacus is an epic film produced in 1960 by Edward Lewis with Stanley Kubrick as the director. The film was inspired by the heroic struggles of Spartacus a slave leader who led a widespread rebellion against the Romans in the quest for freedom for the slaves (Olivier, 1960). The film was based on Howard Fast’s novel of the same name incorporating events of the third servile war and the life story of Spartacus. The film went on to win four Academy Awards and has been ranked among the most successful film of the 20th century. However, the success of the movie came from the successful fulfillment of the acting demands of Kirk Douglas (Olivier, 1960). Spartacus went against the normal order of the time by waging a rebellion of slaves against the Roman authorities and slaughtering thousands of them. Douglas aimed to create a strong character that was ready to die for what he believed in. From the onset, Spartacus knew very well that…...

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