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Activity Guide
Summer 2015

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Summer is upon us and the temperatures will really begin to warm up. Within our summer activity guide, you will find several pages of cool opportunities to combat the heat. The newly renovated Palm Island Family Aquatics Center offers open swimming, special splash events, swimming lessons, a swim team, aerobics and Zumba classes. If you would like to use the facility for a private party or corporate event - those rental opportunities are available as well.
Enjoy your summer evenings playing in a few outdoor sports leagues such as softball and pickle ball or indoor activities such as basketball and volleyball. The Len Colla Recreation Center and the Dorothy Powell Senior Adult Center both provide daily exercise, arts and educational programming in a very friendly and comfortable setting.
Not to be outdone - both the Main and Vista Public Libraries offer a tremendous assortment of youth, teen and adult programming. The Summer Reading Program kicks off on Saturday, May 30th at the Main Library, please circle that date and stop by and enjoy the festivities. Both libraries will also be hosting free technology classes throughout the summer for those 18 years of age and older. Learning is a very cool thing!
You will also notice several enhancements being made this summer at both Carr McNatt Park and the Dave White Municipal
Golf Course. It is our goal to continue to make improvements to the playing conditions at these facilities. The course will remain open throughout the summer improvements and we offer discounted programs to both adults and youth. Another cool opportunity not to be missed.
That being said - “Let’s Play”
William Schwind, Community Services…...

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