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Eric G.Ruivivar IV-O o Mga kabataang nahuhumaling sa online games, ano ang epekto nito? Introduksyon: Ang panahon ay nababago. Sa bawat pagdaan ng panahon ay maraming nagbabagong gamit ang teknolohiya na nakakaagaw atensiyon o pansin sa publiko at lalo na sa mga kabataan, bukod sa bisyo ay pumapangalawa ang online games. Sa paanong paraan natin ito pwedeng maitama sa paglalaro ng online games. Sa pagpasok ng ika-20 siglo, nagsimula ang panahon ng ElectronicDevices. Paglipas lamang ng ilang dekada ito ay lumago at nakilala at naging isang pangkaraniwang bahagi na ng pangaraw-araw na pamumuhay ng tao.Habang lumalago ang industriyang ito, isinilang ang isasa pinakamagandang nilikha ng tao para sa kanyang sarili ang Computers. Isa itong aparato na gumagawa ng trabaho ng tao nang mas mabilis.Ang mga salitang ‘Computer´ ay nangangahulugan noong una na ³isang taoo isang bagay na nagkakalkula at nagbibigay ng resulta base sa isang lohikal na paraan at proseso´. Ang abacus ay maituturing na isang computer noong unang panahon sapagkat ang layunin nito ay mapadali ang kalkulasyon ng mga mangangalakal. Sa kasalukuyan, ang abacus ay hindi na maituturing na computer sapagkat napakalayo na ng agwat ng nagagawa nito sa kilala natinngayon na mga computer. Napaganda, napabilis, napaayos at napadali ng ilangsiglong pag-aaral ang mekanismo ng computer. Ang versatility nito isang resulta ng pagiging malikhain at matiyaga ng mga tao. Naituring ang bagay na ito na isa sa pinakamagandang nalikha ng tao sapagkat isa itong makapangyarihang aparatona nagpapatakbo sa halos lahat ng bahagi ng mundo upang maging mas maayos at madali ang…...

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...ADD and its imitators Lekisha Wright is a happy six-year-old little girl who started school with great enthusiasm. At school, her teacher seated her in the last row of twenty children. After two weeks of school, the teacher remarked that Lekisha was not paying attention and could not fallow directions so she decided to make the mother come for a conference. The teacher suggested the mother to take Lekisha to a doctor and see if she has ADD. Fortunately, the doctor checked first Lekisha ‘s hearing and vision and sure enough the child had a moderate hearing loss in both ears. After a treatment, Lekisha’s hearing returned to normal. (Julian Stuart Haber) The American Psychiatric Association express in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that 3%-7% of school-aged children have ADD. The department of healt and human service states that the rates of ADHD diagnosis increased by 5.5% per year from 2003 to 2007. According to Julian Stuart Habers researched, 15% of children diagnose with ADD receive medical treatment and those can drain the learning, thinking and working ability. As we can see through those facts, more and more children are diagnosed with ADD, more and more children are being treated medically. But how many of them do really have ADD? How many of them are being misdiagnosed? A study at a center for child behavior and development in St. Louis stated that more then 30% of the children diagnosed with ADD did not meet the diagnostic criteria......

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...ADD was first identified and studied in the early 1900's, although it wasn't called ADD back then. After World War I, researchers noted that children who had contracted encephalitis displayed a high incidence of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and conduct disorders. And in the 1940's, some soldiers who had experienced brain injuries were found to have behavioral disorders.1 It seemed clear that brain damage could cause hyperactivity. Other forms of brain insult have since been identified as causes of hyperactivity, including exposure to lead and other environmental toxins, as well as fetal exposure to drugs and alcohol. Once brain damage was identified as a cause of hyperactivity in certain patients, researchers assumed that all hyperactivity was caused by brain damage, even when no brain damage could be identified. That's why ADD was once called "minimal brain dysfunction." This is an important point to understand. It is because of this early association of brain injury and hyperactivity that ADD traits are still assumed by many to reflect a brain disorder. Researchers made a giant leap in logic: Because brain injury can lead to hyperactivity, they believed that all hyperactivity was caused by brain injury. We now know this is not true. In fact, hyperactivity is also associated with giftedness, but obviously we cannot say that all hyperactive children are gifted any more than we can say all hyperactive children have suffered brain injury. More recent studies......

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...ADD and Learning ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is a learning disorder that can be in many different forms and affect many different people. ADD can also be described as ADHD which is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADD and ADHD are basically the same thing, the only difference is mainly terminology. The media has used ADD more commonly when describing the disorder. However, as stated above ADD and ADHD are one in the same. (ADDA) One of the most common symptoms of ADD is distract-ability. This can mean that the person can be easily taken away from a task that they are currently doing very easily. Anything seems to distract the person. So the person goes from one task to the next without finishing the one that they were previously working on. ADD sufferers may also be very impulsive. Impulsiveness is often characterized by be tempted to do things on emotions without thinking something through. Another major symptom of ADD is hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is characterized as being abnormally active. The person is constantly moving and tends to have problems sitting still.(ADDA) The DSM-IV states that some other more common specific symptoms of ADD include not paying close attention to details and making careless mistakes. The person can also seem to not be listening when being spoken to and cannot pay attention to a certain task for more than a short amount of time. The person may seem to be excessively moving around. For instance they can......

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...Tammy Tevis ENG-105 Analyzing a Concept 1 May 13, 2013 Russell Tiedt Autism, ADHD and ADD: The Lasting Effects When a baby is born a parent hopes for their children to be healthy, happy and normal. No parent ever hopes to raise a child with abnormalities or handicaps yet unfortunately, a percentage of babies born will have some form of a disability. Whether the condition a child has is of the mildest form requiring only supervision or is considered severe requiring lifelong care and medication, parents stress and have difficulties dealing with the everyday life their child goes through and deals with throughout his or her life wondering if they are doing all they can to make sure their child is well taken care of. This essay will examine the effects of ADD, ADHD and autism focusing on adolescents and children with these impairments and the parents and caregivers who struggle to maintain a daily balanced life. As a mother with a son who has ADHD I can speak first hand on the struggles a parent has to face and the challenges we deal with raising a child. My son was diagnosed shortly after he began kindergarten when he first started displaying signs of anxiousness during class time and how his teacher would struggle to keep him under control. His dad and I were called in to a parent-teacher conference to discuss my son’s behavior during class. It was recommended by the teacher that we have our son evaluated for ADHD as that was what she believed he had. We made an......

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...Sara Feliciano I have chosen to write my topic paper on ADD/ADHD. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this topic, the treatments that are used as well as the side effects. I found several of the other topics interesting as well but I have had personal experience with ADD/ADHD and think it would be beneficial for myself to learn more on this topic. When I was younger I was diagnosed with ADD. I was put on a daily dose of Adderall. I had reactions to this medication that I considered very bad, though could have been a lot worse. The side effect that most concerned me was that my heart rate had sped up significantly and I was constantly scared that something would seriously happen to me. I also had a minor side effect where I would constantly chew and had to have gum or I was chewing the insides of my mouth. I only took the medication for a short time because of how badly it bothered me but later I found out that there are different types of medications and I was put on the wrong one. I should have been put on the non-stimulant form rather than the stimulant. My brother was also diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger. He was also put on medications though I don’t think he was put on the same one as I. He had a different reaction, one that if I understand correctly is quite common. He completely changed while he was on it. He would do nothing. He would just sit and stare. He did have an easier time completing and focusing on schoolwork but he was not......

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...Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is the most common mental disorders of childhood and affects 3 to 6 percent of the child population (about 3.5 million kids) in the United States. Approximately 15 million people in the United States have Attention Deficit Disorder, but there are many aspects of this disorder that many people are not even aware of. Attention Deficit Disorder is a neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system, as well as the motivational system. ADD affects two important parts of the brain that are connected with the ability to pay attention and the ability to regulate motor activity. ADD is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. There is a deficiency in the brains' ability to produce and use certain chemicals called transmitter substances (neurotransmitters). It is said to be hereditary, in fact more than one third of the parents of an ADD child had ADD when they were children and as many as 75% of children diagnosed with ADD have a least one relative who has it (be it a parent, sibling, or uncle). The behavioral aspects of ADD are very similar and intertwine between three main categories, in which many symptoms and characteristics fall into. These categories are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Inattention means failure to pay attention and the characteristics involved with this category are all symptoms of an inattentive person. Hyperactivity means the state or condition of being excessively or pathologically active. All...

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...Chris Phillips Professor Daniel Wesley English Composition II 1302-062 10 December 2012 ADD/ADHD: A Proposal I’m hesitant to write about ADD/ADHD. It just seems like two-faced ground. Judging by the comments I’ve read online, in magazines, and my own experience, expressing an opinion about this identification or anything dealing in child psychiatry will be met with censure from both sides. I was reading an article “Ritalin Gone Wild” in the New York Times, and I felt obliged to write. If you have not read “Ritalin Gone Wild”, I persuade you to do so. In my opinion, I agree with the article except for the mention about “children born into poverty therefore [being] more vulnerable to behavior problems”. Unsurprisingly, the article has fascinated many online detectors. Let us check out this response from the NYT, accusing Dr Sroufe for “blaming parents” for ADD/ADHD. When I read the original article, Dr Sroufe did not do that. Instead, he noted that ADD/ADHD symptoms may not or at all come from a congenital neurological defect or “chemical imbalance”, but that ecological influences may be more significant. He also says that, ADD/ADHD drugs do work; children and adults do perform better on meds, but the successes do fail over time, perhaps a drug answer does not change ecological situation in the first place. I could not agree more. I think this statement is true for much of what is treated in psychiatry; it is predominantly related to children and adolescents. Children...

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...The Difference between ADD and ADHD Ra The website ( is intended for informational and instructive purposes. Accuracy can be viewed by its Copyright © 2014-2015. It does not constitute medicinal or lawful guidance. Their objective is to help families with minor’s ages 3and up to 20 years old, which are battling with learning disabilities and significance issues. The website authority is the most essential criteria to search for when discovering tenable material. It is critical for a creator of the webpage to be trustworthy, particularly when giving material on a sensitive subject. A professional in her field Rayma Griffin, has dedicated forty years of her vocation to operating with youngsters with learning disabilities within the schoolroom and as an administrator within the public and personal subdivisions (Rayma Griffin, on Jun 20, 2014). Rayma Griffin earned a double degree in psychology and specialized curriculum from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Rayma Griffin holds a graduate degree in special education and a 6th year degree in organizational leadership from the University of Connecticut. At present, Rayma Griffin is an instructive specialist advocating for the rights of children who have learning inabilities and ADHD. On Jun 20, 2014 posted by Rayma Griffin, She explains the distinction between ADD and ADHD. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and ADD stands for attention......

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