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Advantage and Disadvantages of Living in a Big City

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The majority of the population prefers living in a big city because of the great advantages that it provides. The big cities are becoming more and more inhabited. There are several advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city.
First, most people prefer living in a big city because is a place where the economy is constantly growing, and it is significantly easier to find a good job. Good companies take place in a big city, and these companies provided many jobs with good wages. For example, when my brother graduated from UF in computer science, he began working in the company "Computer Care" in Gainesville. The salary of my brother in this company was 100,000 per year. My brother bought a small house with 2 bedrooms and also a Toyota Corolla 2012. But after three years, my brother receiver a job offer from the "Google" company in New York. Currently, my brother earns 240,000 per year in the company Google in New York. As a result, my brother bought a new house with 5 bedrooms, and also a Ferrari 2015.In this big city, my brother has a better quality of life, and at the same time, he gets his dream working in one of the best IT companies in the world.
Second, in a big city we can get what we cannot find in small town. In a big city there are many malls, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants and sport stations. For example, in Gainesville there are only 20 or 30 nightclubs that close in the early hours of the night; however, in Miami there are over 100 nightclubs that they are open all night. For instance, my cousin lives in Miami and works until 12 pm every day. But on weekends when he gets off work, he goes to a club near his home until 5am. On the contrary, in Gainesville when I finish working at 11pm, I cannot go out to have some fun because after midnight, all nightclubs are closed.
To sum up, many people of today’s society are of the opinion that living in a big cities is better than living in small cities. Living in a big city no only has great advantages, but also has some significant disadvantages.…...

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