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Advantage of Fuels

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Fossil fuels
* Depending on fuel, good availability * Simple combustion process can directly heat or generate electricity * Inexpensive * Easily distributed
Nuclear fuels
* Nuclear power costs about the same as coal, so it's not expensive to make. * Does not produce smoke or carbon dioxide, so it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. * Produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of fuel. * Produces small amounts of waste. * Nuclear power is reliable. |
1. Using this type of energy to generate electricity is not dependent upon the price of uranium, oil, or other types of fuel. This makes electricity costs lower and more stable, one of its most significant advantages.
2. The pollution created by hydroelectric energy generation is quite minimal. There is some pollution involved in initially constructing the power stations, but this is true of all power plants. It also does not produce radioactive waste or involve the environmental impact of fuel being transported to it.
3. It doesn't require many employees to run a hydroelectric station. According to, most plants of this type are largely automated. This is another one of the advantages which help keep the cost of hydroelectricity low.
4. Hydroelectric power stations can be set up in almost any size, depending upon the river or stream used to operate them; big enough to power a single home, factory, small town, or large city.
5. Another of its advantages is that hydroelectric is a renewable form of energy, like wind and solar; it does not rely upon finite resources like natural gas or coal to generate power.
6. Hydroelectric stations can operate for many years after they are built. states that a number of operational hydro stations were constructed fifty to one-hundred years ago; in contrast to this,…...

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