Advantage of Online Booking Reservation in Hotel Establishment

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INTRODUCTION Food culture is multi-faceted, influenced by a number of factors, of which the main ones are presented and briefly explained in this chapter. Examples are given for better understanding and appreciation of how a factor could affect the foodways of a population group or area. One factor may have more impact on bringing about changes than other factors. Each has varying degrees and extent of influences that makes cultural foods around the world interesting and challenging to the readers and culinary afficionados.
Geographical Location The geographical location of a country determines the kind of climate it has throughout the year. Also, its neighboring countries and bodies of water (ocean or sea) influence the available food added to foods inherent in its culture. An example is the African continent: North African nations with coastal lines of the Mediterranean Sea have common foodways with Greeks, Italians and other nations that also get food sources from this sea. Another example is about countries in the tropical belt, having fruits that cannot grow in wintry areas of the world. Thus, what are exotic to the non-tropical countries are common and cheap in tropical countries. Conversely, grapes, berries, and different varieties of apples imported to the tropical countries are expensive. While climate is one of the factors in the study of geography, its impact on cultural foods is very significant and is further elaborated in the next section.
Different types of climates and vegetation divide the world into distinct natural regions: the polar regions are always cold and dry and few plants can survive. The temperate regions have mild winter days and some hot dry summers with some cooler, wetter climates in certain nations. Thus, such varying seasons of the year can…...

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Comparison of Different Types of Media and the Impact of Online Media in the Hotel Industry and the impact of online media in the hotel industry With more and more people are becoming internet savvy, communicates with the customer through Internet is more efficient and cost effective. Online and social media open up a new way to distribute promotion messages to potential customers. The aim of this paper attempts to analysis the difference between traditional media and online media and how hotelier combine both online and traditional media to drive brand awareness. We will also talk about the impact of online and social media in the hotel industry. Traditional media are one of the business communication method that distribute messages to the public. This media are one way communication and normally refers to those introduced before the internet era such as television, radio, newspaper and printed materials. Online media is opposite to traditional media and is two way communication with consumers. Online media normally refers to the digital medium that can distribute through the internet. Social media are group under online media. Internet surfer can create and share their messages through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and etc. I especially prefer Mr Ron Jones's definition on social media: "Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, and bookmarking online...". It is essential for hoteliers to realize that each communication channel has its benefits and drawbacks. Online and social......

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...anticipate the time of completion. By a clearly defined scope, specified time will be assigning to develop each module in the application. From here can conclude that, virtual tour on hotel room needing more time in completion. By well-organized task and duration, the application will develop on time. PARADIGM Waterfall paradigm is important to note a large successful of projects development. Without the structure and organization provided a waterfall paradigm method, development projects would be at severe risk of missing deadlines, escalating budgets and a low quality system. As a methodology, the water fall paradigm provides the structure method, controls and checklist needed to ensure successful development figure below show the phases in software process waterfall paradigm. Preliminary investigation Requirement analysis Design Testing Construction Implementation maintenance Paradigm: Waterfall Model Waterfall paradigm prescribes stages and activities performed in each stage are describe as fallows: a) Preliminary investigation The major requirement for online hotel reservation system is to provide back office forContent management, reservation management and housekeeping management. The online hotel reservation hotel system also expected to provide a better preview of the hotel rooms. These features are in order to enhance efficiency and performance and also the service to the guest. From here, it will proceed and establishing the scope,......

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...INTRODUCTION Hotel reservation system plays a great role and has a potential effect on day to day performance measures, this type of system have highly evolved from decades due to high demand for their use, effective and efficiency in any given institutions. Due to the rapid change of technology the use of such system has become a necessity to any given high learning institution for better performance and be used with quite a large number of users at the same time but it can save time, resources and creates awareness of the evolving technology. 1.1 PROBLEM STATEMENT Although technology is rapidly changing almost at the speed of light, some Hotels are still using manual reservation system to check in/out customers, Hotel facilities , management, share ideas and passing of information, for instance Staff performance assessment, customers roomt are done manually hence providing: * Providing untimely assessment information’s. * Consumes a lot of time, * Waste and use lots of resource such as forms. The sub-objective are to identify the requirement and design the Hotel reservation system that will resolve the above problem of manual reservation system, by designing and implementing the proposed system successfully it will benefit many parties; firstly by providing staff with access of easy view form. 1.2. SYSTEM GOAL AND OBJECTIVE 1.3. GOALS The main goal is to develop a Hotel reservation system to replace the paper based Hotel reservation. 1.4. OBJECTIVES: * To......

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...would contribute to speedy operation in every transaction (Long, 2001). JKC Royale Trader’s Inn, Inc., is a classy hotel that caters highly equipped accommodationsfor any occasions. But in some instances, the hotel is having manual operations that causes the delay of activities, especially in rendering services such as; room reservation, hall booking for any occasions, additional facilities and other services. Due to the huge losses, difficulty in location of guest files attributed by the large number of guests files, location of guest files during checking in, updating of daily expenditures, receipts generation and checking out are extremely difficult for the hotel employees. The physical files occupy too much space of about two rooms full of storage cabinets. The spaces could have otherwise been used for income generation by the hotel. In this case, the researchers decided to propose a computerized check-in and reservation system to solve the problems encountered by the personnel of the JKC Royale Trader’s Inn, Inc. The proposed check-in and reservation system is friendlier to the guests or customers and the personnel, improve customer care and services at the hotel, increase hotel performance, reduces human errors in recording and retrieving of guest or customers records, provides efficient and accurate information allows reliable transaction made within the hotel and enforces security measures to avoid unauthorized access to guest records....

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