Advantages and Disadvantages of Hotels Going Green

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Research Project

Hotels Going Green

Yssah Nastassja C. Cueto

8 October 2013

Southville Foreign University

Hotels Going Green

Yssah Nastassja C. Cueto


This study examines the positive and negative effects to an industry that is under hospitality.

Statement of the problem The researcher wanted to know about how only a few industries have been successful in turning one of the most impossible industries to a green concept industry and how others fail to attempt this concept. What were the benefits that the industry has gained? (Advantages and disadvantages) 1. What are the advantages of a hotel going “green” 2. What are the possible disadvantages? 3. How did the establishment achieve their goals in pursuing the “going green” concept? 4. What were their failures in attempting to achieve the “going green” concept?

As the researcher, the topic is chosen due to the lack of notice to the concept of industries, especially the hospitality industries of applying the common word “green.” There many articles published online regarding the hotels solutions, success and failure in applying the “green” concept.
There are a numerous amount of studies that indicate that the economic benefits can be achieved in hotels through implementing social and environmental initiatives, many with a few or no capital a lot. In addition to the cost benefits, there are even benefits to choosing an environmentally sustainable strategy. These would include: * Gaining competitive advantage by being a leader in the sector

* Customer loyalty * Employee retention * Awards and recognition * Regulatory compliance * Risk management * Increased brand value
But most importantly, it is the right thing to do.
According to (Claver-Cortes et al, 2007) the hotel industries has been pursuing the green…...

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