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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Sources of Internal Data

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Opening Questions
1. Why are secondary data important? How do we distinguish secondary data from primary data?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of secondary data?
3. How should secondary data be evaluated to determine their usefulness?
4. What are the different sources of secondary data, including internal sources and external sources?
5. What is database marketing? How does it make use of secondary data?
6. How can published secondary data be classified?
7. How can computerized databases be classified?
8. How do we identify and classify the sources of secondary data useful in international marketing research?
9. How can technology and what ethical issues are involved in the use of secondary data?


This chapter provides an overview of secondary data. Secondary data are defined and their advantages, disadvantages, and evaluations discussed. A classification of secondary data is presented. Internal sources, published external sources, and computerized databases are discussed. Applications of secondary data in the context of a buying power index and computer mapping are provided. The several classifications of secondary data, presented in Figures 4.3 through 4.6, are unique to this book. In addition, a focus on international marketing research, technology, and ethics is placed at the end of this chapter. This chapter could be taught by focusing on the opening questions sequentially. Greater emphasis could be placed on the nature of secondary data (Opening Questions 1 and 2), criteria for the evaluation of secondary data (Opening Question 3), internal data and database marketing (Opening Question 5), published external sources, and computerized databases (Opening Questions 6 and 7). The material on international marketing research…...

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