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8 Key Result Areas Where Managers Must Pursue Clear Objectives

• Marketing • Innovation • Human organization • Financial resources • Physical resources • Productivity • Social responsibility • Profit requirements

Management by Objectives (MBO) Principles

• Cascading of organizational vision, goals and objectives • Specific objectives for each member • Participative decision making • Explicit time period • Performance evaluation and feedback

| |
|The Two Questions You Need to Answer To Get The Whole Process Rolling |
|Where do I want to go ? (What is the objective?) |
|How will I pace myself to see if I am getting there? (What are my milestones, or key results?) |
|Make sure that the answers are precise! |
|Types of Objectives1 |
|Routine objectives |The objectives must be: |
|Innovation objectives |focused on a result, not an activity |
|Improvement objectives |consistent |
| |specific |
| |measurable |
| |related to time |
| |attainable |
|MBO Strategy: Three Basic Parts5 |
|All individuals within an organization are assigned a special set of objectives that…...

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...MBO TICKET M-BOOKING SYSTEM RIDZWAN BIN ABDOL RAHMAN UNNERSITI TEKNIKAL MALAYSIA MELAKA mcngaku ~nembcnal-kan ti'sis !J'Sh,7:'Sarja!ia;:Doh:tos F:tlsafi~h) ini disi~npr?n Pespust:ikaan di hlal;!umat dan Kot~~uoikasi : ! i '1'cl;nolo:i dc~?g;ins!-arat-syrat kcgunnan sspcsti : hcri k u: haklnilik I 'nil-cssi~i 71'elinik~iI h/l:tlu?-sia hlclaka. 1 . Tesis dari psojek adalal~ 3. Pcrpastal.;aan Fakulti Tchlnlogi hlaklun~atdnn Komuniknsi dihcnarkan mclnbuat snlinan u ~ ~ t u ~ i u a pcngajian saliqia. tk i~ Fg.l;ulti -1'cknnlogi Rlaklumat c!nn Kcm~~nikasi dil~cnaskanrncrul~ui~t -3. Pcrpurtakc~:~n .. salinan tesis itii sehagai bahan pestukaran atitara institus; pcsrtga.11a11 tinggi. 1. "* Sila taiidakan ( 1 ) SlTT_TT (Mcngnt~dungi ~iiahlumatgang berdarjuh hcscla~na~an k e p c i ~ ~ i i ~ >lala!~ S I L I ataLi y:t~ sepcrti >an? termaktub di clalam :\1;T:2 R:IFISI.A RAShll 1972) - / . - - ~. .PTT),\F: 'T'ERI1..1r) II-:1ND.-2I:?NCiA-\n!PENT [I-IS) \loinat tct~lp NO 3 17. .j31a11 K L ' s ~ ~ c : &- e-- (T.4ND.!Il':\N ;.AN PENYF I .!;\ ) C'ih Siti XTnstusa I7inti B;~l-ua~.~icti~i C4..ITi4T:2N: 7-tsis dimaksudkan scbagiii 1.aporan Akhir Prqiek Sariana Muds (PShij, J i b tcsis ini SliI.11- atnu TTIRIT,ZD. sila 1ampisk:tn susnt daripada pil-uth "'$ bcrkurlsa. * MBO TICKET M-BOOKING SYSTEM RIDZWAN BIN ABDOL RAHMAN This report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Computer Science......

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...In the above referenced case study I am of the opinion that John was reassigned to an internal , lower priority project because he lacked the skill set needed to navigate through the organizational politics in order to get the implementation of the MBO completed. In essence, he failed to treat organizational change as a political issue and determine who had an interest or who could be given an interest in the changes the organization needs to make. No attempt is was made to build a consensus around this change to the MBO initiative .It appears that John thought that, he was working on an MBO initiative that was a priority for the director of the organization that he was entitled to respect and his managers should have complied with the gidelines and time frames that he had set because the MBO was a top priority for his new boss .All parties should just comply because it was "necessary" or "logical." People motivate themselves when they see clearly that what you want them to do will benefit them ( Denhardt(,R.B., Denhardt,J.V., & Aristigueta,M.P. 2013). Additionally, for cooperation from colleges, establishing a peer relationship is essential. Managers in John's organization did not want this project to succeed . Thus, John encountered jealousy, resentment or other relationship-destroying feelings in co-workers whose help her needed most( Denhardt(,R.B., Denhardt,J.V., & Aristigueta,M.P. 2013). Instead of John complaining to his boss about the manner......

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...Cost advantage/ Competing in distinctive way “If a company cannot be more operationally effective than its rivals, the only way to generate higher level of economic value is to gain a cost advantage or price premium by competing in a distinctive way”. Does this apply to the digital economy? Assess critically. It has been claimed that “value can be created with Internet communication either through finding ways of reducing costs or, on the demand side, by improving the match between buyer preferences and the goods they purchase”. Do you agree? “Internet technologies tend to reduce variable costs and tilt cost structure towards fixed cost, creating significant greater pressure for companies to engage in destructive price competition.” Do you agree? INTRODUCTION o It is argued that “If a company cannot be more operationally effective than its rivals, the only way to generate higher level of economic value is to gain a cost advantage or price premium by competing in a distinctive way”. o I will first give a definition of the digital economy and what is economic value. o This is followed by a briefly discussion on operational effectiveness. o I will then talk about the importance as well as limitation about cost advantage and price premium strategies. o The last part of the essay will look at other strategies and other elements besides cost advantage and price premium a firm can consider gaining competitive advantage. MAIN......

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...Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports LaChandra Nicole Gaines MGMT 488 June 5, 2011 Ronald Morritt Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports Sustainable competitive advantage is the main purpose of an organization’s corporate strategy. Sustainable Advantage permits the preservation and development of a company’s competitive location within market (Strategy Fundamental: Determining Sustainable Competitive Advantage, 2010). Competitive advantage facilitates an organization to outlast against its competitors for an insignificant amount of time. Competitive advantage may originate in many forms. The competitive characteristic stems from the likeness of other alternatives (Strategy Fundamental: Determining Sustainable Competitive Advantage, 2010). I chose the Miami Heat as my pro-sport team to discuss competitive advantage. Because signing the very talented LeBron James to its 2010-2011 rosters, the Miami Heat established competitive advantage over all other professional basketball teams in the league (Waller, 2011). Alongside Dewayne Wade, the Miami Heat has the potential to bring home another championship to the city of Miami. There is a unanimous conformity that both Dewayne Wade and LeBron James are two of the best players in the NBA (Waller, 2011). The talents of James and Wade can dominate any team to secure a win for by making all the shots, rebounds, and playing aggressive defense. Both James and Wade signify sustainable competitive advantage for the reason that...

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