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Aids vs Us

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Currently, there are one billion, one hundred and seventy million, nine hundred and thirty eight thousand people living in India. Of this number, two million, four hundred thousand people are currently affected with HIV. Inida is the second largest population suffering from HIV/AIDS. In order to be able to control or decrease the numbers of these AIDS patients, awareness is the first step.
HIV is the name of a germ. The virus is called, Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus kills cells that defend the body against diseases. In time, as more as more of these cells die, the body finds it difficult to fight germs and infections. Thus the person develops Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
At present there is no cure for HIV infection anywhere in the world. Some very expensive drugs, which cause several side effects, slightly delay the development of the disease.
Those that are affected with HIV/AIDS do not necessarily have a short life span. If they are given the right antiviral medication, taking them diligently, eating a healthy diet, and regularly exercising, there are great chances of surviving a healthy long life.
An AIDS patient does not need to be confined or cooped up in a corner. It is more than okay for them to socially mix with people and live with family. The notion that people create of staying away from AIDS patients is only due to ignorance. The disease can only be caught through blood in take through an open wound, syringe/needle or intercourse. Besides this it is not contagious. It cannot be taken in from the air or from the water you drink and the food you eat.
The project topic that I have chosen to do, does not only focus on the patients affected by AIDS but also deals with the ‘us’ factor. The ‘us’ would comprise of those who deal with or are caretakers of AIDS patients. It is also how those you are not victims of the disease…...

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