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Finally, in relation to the seventh skill, reading and selecting main idea, current models of reading comprehension highlight the importance of considering the role of different cognitive processes during text comprehension (Meneghetti, et al., 2006). For example, memory both in its short- and long-term components is broadly considered to have a fundamental role. Indeed, the reader has to store and manipulate information in working memory during the processing of the text, but at the same time in order to construct a coherent representation of the text usually he/she has to refer to his/her prior knowledge (Van Den Broek, 1994). Some strategies like evaluating the comprehension level, inferring the information from the text, anticipating what is coming next, searching for the reading purpose are more analytic and need to have a metacognitive awareness
(Cogmen & Saracaloglu, 2009). metacognitive strategies can defined in three ways: planning (have a reading purpose in mind and to read the text in terms of this purpose), self monitoring (to regulate the reading process and use the appropriate strategy at the right time) and self evaluating (the reform phase of the reading process such as; to change strategy if necessary, to control if the purpose is reached and to reread the text). Researchers found out that metacognitive reading strategies usage develops students’ reading comprehension level (Eilers & Pinkley, 2006).
According to these researches, not only using strategies increase the academic success but also successful students use strategies while reading. As a result of this, it is critical for a college student to use reading comprehension strategies while reading academic materials for an effective learning (Cogmen & Saracaloglu, 2009).
In sum, we need a new conception of teaching and learning by deepening and increasing our understanding of…...

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