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”Allstate Insurance Company”
Dr. Felicia Bridgewater
Leadership and Organizational Behavior - BUS 520
May 1, 2011

When John F. Kennedy put the provision for affirmative action into effect, all of the companies knew that they could not deny anyone a job because of their race, creed, or sex ( No one knew at that time how they where going to incorporate affirmative action into their business so that everyone involved would have a positive outcome. The executives at Allstate realized that in order for their current employees not to feel resentment for the new changes they were going to be put into effect, they had to come up with a way in which the company can thrive even better than it had before. In order to do that they came up with four steps that would help them to promote diversity in the workplace.
Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program. After comparing the model for goal setting with the steps that Allstate had put into effect, I believe that they do have a successful goal-setting program already established. Nevertheless, when you are trying to make sure that a business is operating as smoothly and efficiently that it can, there will always be room for improvement. One way they could improve is instead of giving, each manage a twenty-five percent of each manager merit pay, and why not break that down to at least five percent for every employee (Hellriegel. 2010). That way even thought the percentage is lower but all the employees would be getting a reward based on the Diversity Index and QLMS. Everyone in the company, no matter what background that that individual may have, needs to feel like what they do for the company is not taken for granted. Managers at this time are receiving a twenty-five…...

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