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All Things Bright and Beautiful

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Have you ever heard the poem entitled “All things bright and beautiful” during your grade school? Me, I have memorized this on our English class for recitations’ sake without learning it by heart as advised by our teacher. It’s only during these past days that I appreciated it.
It was during my Ecology class, when I was attentively listening to the discussion regarding the cycles taking place in an ecosystem. We talked about the energy flow and material flow that includes the biogeochemical cycles. These cycles connect the biological, geological and chemical aspects of the biosphere. We arrived at the realization that all things on earth are functioning so that our instructor end up our lesson saying “See, how God created things beautifully?” I’ve got a smile drawn in my face.
Nevertheless, most people nowadays not actually appreciate such fellow creations around them. They are being susceptible to pin them as “useless” and even question their existence in our planet. There is this group in the social network that ranked the most useless living organism in the world. Some living organisms that are not beneficial to them like the Pandas, bugs, cockroaches, mice, flies, makahiya plants and the like. They aren’t aware of the role of each life form in the setting. They say pandas are lazy thus useless, for it does only eating 9 hours a day, sleeping and getting overweight. I’ll say pandas are to distribute seeds of bamboos throughout an area. They depend on bamboos, just as bamboo depends on them to perpetuate their own. They are means of transportation too. They say head lice are contagious and downright annoying. I’ll say yes, lice are considered to be one of the most common parasites. However, lice can also be good for us. Yes, lice are beneficial too. According to a study published in the open access journal BMC Biology, lice and other parasites may help your…...

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