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November 28, 2014
Dr. Henry Spruill

The Galilean Ministry Of Jesus Essay The greatest portion of Jesus ministry was conducted in the region of Galilee. Jesus set-up the north shore of the Sea of Galilee called Capernaum, as his meeting quarters. Here He hand-picked and called his first disciples who at the time were fishermen to follow after Him. After heeding and accepting the call to follower Jesus John, Simon, Andrew and James were set to do His bidding. The start of Jesus ministering was speaking of the kingdom of heaven (Matt 4:17), thus indicating his own death and sufferings among a passionate crowd. He began his traveling over Galilee, healing and teaching according to Mt. 4:23; Mk 1:39, this also speak of His healing a man that was plagued with lepers Mt. 8:2 (Bible, 2005). But His first miracle was turning the water into wine at a wedding Jn 2:1-11, (Thomas, Gundry, 1984). When he decided to go back to Capernaum there was a paralyzed man, whose friends carried him for Jesus to heal, but because of the crowds were not able to reach him, so his friends made and opening in the roof and lowered him down where Jesus was sitting for him to be healed. When Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralyzed man “Son, your sins are forgiven” Mk 2:3-4, (Niswonger, 1992). Jesus then called the Levi (Matthew) the tax collector to follow Him as one of the disciple.
Also in Mark 2 verse 16, the Pharisees became upset when they saw Jesus eating with the sinners and publicans and ask his disciples why did he eat with them? Regardless of their zealous devotion to religion their spiritual principle was drawn from below (this world) and not from above (God). Their spirit was maliciously and actively hostile to the spirit of Jesus, employing men to spy on him, they bribed men to tell lies against him. Jesus began to travel from south of Galilee to Jerusalem to attend the second Passover during His journey the laid a man by the pool Bethesda at the sheep gate who had been cripple for thirty-eight years, He ask the lame man a question “Wilt thou be made whole?” then said “Take Up Your Bed and Walk” therefore performing another miracle (Soares,pg117 ). Upon His return to Galilee north side He prays for and heal a man that hand had drawn up not neglecting to mention hundreds of others that was also healed. In Galilee on a hill top He then hand-picked His remaining disciples and minister from the famous Sermon on the Mount Matt. 5:1, (MacAdam, 2004). Although Luke wrote a different account about the Sermon on the Mount he stated that Jesus was at the foot of the hill (Lk 6:12). When Jesus returned to Capernaum (Lk 7:1) he encounters a captain of the Roman army (centurion) who’s servant was sick, who asked Jesus to speak the “Word” only and not go to his servant for he believed that his servant would be healed. Jesus was marveled at his centurion faith. Jesus ministry also consisted of baptizing people as John did but with the Holy Spirit where as John Baptist unto repentance (from sin) (Kistemaker, 1982).
In the book of Luke 3:23 he stated the ministry of Jesus began when He was thirty years of age and lasted until he was thirty-three years old. In this short period of time He accomplish a lot, he taught about God being love and man having love for one another this message should of outweighed the miracles and healings.
Jesus continue to speak of the scripture being fulfilled in their presence, referring to himself as the fulfillment. This help to establish his ministry along with teaching the “Good News and setting the captives free from their bondage. In the New Testament Paul picked it up by stating “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love” 1 Cor 13:13.…...

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