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The first report
For cooperative training
In a

Name : Abdulrahman maged Al-khmees
University ID: 429103676
Supervisor: Fawaz Said

Subject Page
History of pasture ……………………………. ...…………………3 Brands and Affiliates ………………………………………………….3
Types of Products …………………………………………………. 3
The financial performance ……………………………….………. 4
Principal owners……………………………………………………...4
Administrative Divisions…………………………………………....4
Almarai-head-office in alriyadh ……………………………………4
Almarai-head-office in alriyadh ……………………………….…..5
Factories …………………………………..………………………….6
QBD …………………………………….……………………………..6
Why is packaging important …………………………………..…7 What are they doing in the Department of Packaging….….7


Quality ………………………………………………………………10

TRD …………………………………………,………………………10

* Established Almarai in the city of Riyadh in 1991, with a capital of 750 million riyals, which is an extension of the dairy farms developed by Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud in 1977, and the owner for about 29% of the shares of the company. * In 2005 shift Almarai from a private company to a joint stock company registered in the Saudi stock market , Where Almarai shareholders of more than 70,000 contributors. * In 2007 the company was acquired of Western Limited laboratories' * In 2009 was initiated the establishment of new factories bakery Alkharj region * The company entered chicken industry in 2009 through the acquisition of Hail Agricultural Development,
It also acquired in 2011 on the Company "Fond any Monte. As" that owns and operates three farms in Argentina. * The company established a joint factory with the company "Mead Johnson" for the production of infant formula, to be operated during the year 2012. * Almarai has 8 farms cows * Almarai provides its products to more than 43,500 retail outlets in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries

* Brands

* Affiliates

* Types of Products / Dairy Liquids Yoghurts and Desserts / Foods / Juices / Bakery Poultry / Infant Formula

The financial performance | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | Sales | 7,950.99 | 6,930.91 | 5,868.81 | 5,029.90 | Net Income | 1,139.51 | 1,285.42 | 1,096.72 | 910.26 | Capital | 2,300.00 | 2,300.00 | 1,150.00 | 1,090.00 |

Principal owners Owner Name | Percentage of ownership | Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer | 28.60% | Savola Group | 29.90% | Omran Mohammed Omran Co | 5.70% |

Administrative Divisions CEO

Operation Sales Marketing Products Management QBD Farms * Almarai Has a Several administrative offices
Can be identified almost In (Almarai-head-office in alriyadh) Distribution Center(depot )in the Kingdom and the Gulf (Factories) in Al-Kharj, Jeddah and the Gulf countries Some offices in the GCC and Arab countries * Almarai has more than 23,000 employees From several nationalities. Almarai-head-office in alriyadh
There are several sections
is interested in finance, revenue, profits, etc.
Public relations and communication
Interested in communicating with the public And sponsor Activities and charitable events capital projects is interested in fixed assets such as Buy Machines and communicates with suppliers
It means quality and product development
Support services

Human Resources
Department of the Central Employment Serves the marketing departments, finance and public administration…etc
Is divided into 3 departments

Training Recruitment Staff Affairs

Responsible for
And interviews

Offers courses Responsible for Annual schedule Development Training of students Summery Cooperative

Marketing * In this section I Will write briefly Because I Trained in this section for a few days
And I will back in the last month of training To this section and enter in the details * Almarai Divided Marketing department into several sections

Department of Dairy and Milk | Department of L'usine | Department of juices | Department of yogurt and derivatives | Department of cheeses | Department 7-days | Department of poultry ((Alyoum)) |

* In these sections The process of designing cans Cooperation With advertising agencies And receive samples and approved * monitor the daily sales reports and weekly and monthly * Setting goals with the sales department * Implementation of the Promotional offers
((Ramadan Offers, Offers Back to School))

Factories * at Alkharj factories Or can be called the city of Almarai * There is staff accommodation * And many factories where CB B-1 for Produces fresh milk and dairy and the CBB 2 where produced cheese products And butter, juices, all milk products * and There are just 6 kilometers L'Usine factories and 7 days * And also there is a distribution center where she runs the Almarai on their own responsibility to transporting products from its warehouses
To distribution centers(( Depot)) * Where there is a center for supplying diesel and a center for quick maintenance for trucks and an advanced center for truck maintenance * .For the administrative departments in factories Alkharj
There are several departments including human resources, operation and control, distribution, quality management, packaging and product development, public relations and logistical support ... Etc. * I have worked during the training period in the company's factories in Al-Kharj In several sections Included The Division of QBD It means quality and product development QBD

1- Packaging * Packaging is defined in the regulations as "all products made of any materials of any nature to be used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and preservation of goods from the producer to the user or consumer.

Why is packaging important?
We can say that the packaging is important for several reasons * First is That good packaging Preserves the attributes of the product and Does not allow external factors to influence the product . * Attractive packaging for our product brings the customer * Contributes to reduce the cost When the company have good packing center will contribute to reducing the cost. * For example: During my time in the packaging department, there were
Attempts to reduce the cost of packaging a cheese products Been reached for the idea of reducing packaging
Have become so on the cover of one attic and printed name of the company Instead of the cover and printed on the cover Acetkr. * What are they doing in the Department of Packaging * In the Department of Packaging Studies are made for the company's boxes And try to develop And reduce the cost Continuously, according to specific plans previously , * Also is determined by the components of the box from all sides and communicate with suppliers to provide these materials already, * for example We will review in the tables Coming Materials used to manufacture the can and suppliers of these materials

Cheese production (CHP) : Packaging component | variant | Size | Type | Inner wrapper thickness=27MicronOuter wrapperThickness=46MicronPET/PE | Low fat, free fat ,burger, sandwish,Toast, cheddar | 200g | Cheese slice | | cheddar | 250g | | | Extra thick | 348g | | | Cheddar burger, sandwish | 500g | | | Cheddar | 750g | | Shell foil, lid foilTear strip, printed carton, outer carton | Low fat , full fat | 454g | Cheese Block | Bottom end, tin can outer carton | full fat | 56g | Ten cheese | | Low fat , full fat | 113g | | | full fat | 200g | |

names of suppliers: | Shell foil | Lid foil | Tear strip | Outer carton | PrintedCarton | Tin can | Inner&OuterWrapperCHEESE SLICE | Amcor | | | | | | | | GCF | | | | | | | | OBEIKAN | | | | | | | | CMC | | | | | | | | EURO-M | | | | | | | | ARC | | | | | | | | METRO CAP | | | | | | | | AL-KIFAH | | | | | | | |

* In Almarai (QBD) We use Document the Bom Meaning, Bill of materials Where this document has all the details of the costs of the product * For example, cheese
The cost of cheese , box , label and the cost of Cap * Also They receive Cans designs and promotions
((Ramadan Offers, Offers Back to School)) from the Department of Marketing And communicate with suppliers ((almarai are dealing with more than 100 supplier!)) to implement these designs and make sure of their ability to withstand storage and the possibility of inclusion in the production line. * And study in the lab To find out the degree of influenced in the external environment and whether Affect the attributes of the product * Make sure that the box match the Saudi Standards ,Metrology and Quality Org , and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority
This is with regard to Saudi Arabia and The case also applies to the Gulf States and Arab countries * In the Department of Packaging I made a questionnaire How much customer satisfaction white Juices of Almarai Specifically for juice cans * Results has been analyzed and discussed with the marketing team. * Here are examples of questions asked in the questionnaire

question: How satisfied are you with the level of protection for the juice box?
1. Very satisfied
2. Satisfied
3. Little satisfaction
4. Not satisfied

Question Nine: What is your impression about the size of bottles for juices?
1. Very suitable
2. Occasion 3. Acceptable
4. Need to change

Sixth Question: What is the first thing that draws your attention in your juice?
1. Colors
2. Design of the box
3. Ease of opening and storage
4. Type of material

2- Quality
In the quality department Are made to communicate with Organs for Standards and Metrology And Organs of Food and Drug Authority ,
To determine the requirements and standards for products ,
Also identifies ingredients of the product On the box

3- TRD
Refers to technical research development
In this section The process of Product development
For example:
Add a Flavor of mango or strawberry Of milk to attract children To drink milk Another example : Cake L'Usine Company has used a new method to increase sales A new use of the product Where competition launched on the Internet For the best cake recipe made by Cake L'Usine Or produce a new product. And can be summarize process of producing a new product in this serie

Ok ok ok
Idea Development the concept Product development Produce launch * We can say that in this section are interested in the inside of the can
And to explore opportunities and new products And find out if they a profitable Or not.

We can summarize the Almarai activity In The 7 ps of Marketing Services
Consumption prices , Products with cheap prices
Prices between 1-30
Dairy , milk, cheeses ,Bakery, Poultry. And juices

Place Almarai-head-office in alriyadh Factories in Al-Kharj, Jeddah and some Gulf countries depot In all regions of the Kingdom and Gulf countries

Almarai Offers to Continuously
For example, Ramadan Offers And back to school

Almarai has more than 23 000 Employee is dealing fairly and provide them with all safety requirements
A system for accurate production and distribution process
Where the cow milked on farms Then transfer of milk by Tankard to the factory and the product is produced and then moves through the large Freezers to me distribution centers
And through distribution centers up for small Groceries and then reach to the end customer

Almarai Concerned with a strong interest in
When you see the factories you find in a very clean and the order
And also Almarai have advantage of being available for all groceries
Refrigerators their own…...

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