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The main objective of the system is to create a forum to bring together and facilitate the exchange of information amongst its members and to give opportunities for its members to have a firm link between collage and its members.
The alumni can provide the present college students with job opportunities like recruitment. This system will help alumni members to effectively communicate with their old friends, seniors, juniors and their batch mates and will also provide latest news and updates about the system activities.
Alumni Online community will provide benefit to the organization by giving great leaders with commitment who upholds ideas and goals further in society of their organization. Alumni Management system provides internet services to remain in touch, feel nostalgic about their past memories. It will help to promote exchange of skills and experience amongst the members and to conduct seminars, workshop and guest lectures. It will also promote social and cultural activities useful to the members and society in general.
These programs include reunions, luncheons and receptions, professional sports events, educational programs, and distinguish alumni awards.

Overall Description
Goals of proposed system Actions Measurable Outcomes
Communicate strategically with graduates to create and enhance affinity with the campus · Increase e-newsletter open rate to 20%
· Increase participation in social media
· Obtain sponsors for printed newsletter
· Increase participation in special events
Invest in affinity-based programming to engage graduates · Develop alumni engagement program for each college (and for departments as needed)
· Launch Harris Connect e-communication program campus-wide
Increase communication with the campus to create widespread opportunities for outreach · Send semi-annual…...

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