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American Psycho: Tuesday - Analysis by Frederik Jægergaard

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TUESDAY, a chapter from the novel “American Psycho” (1991) by Bret Easton Ellis.

Lack of remorse and guilt, shallow affect, glibness/superficial charm and impulsivity are common characteristics found in the behaviour of a psychopath. Patrick Bateman, the main character of this novel, has similar behaviour. Even after spontaneously and brutally killing an innocent homeless man, he still finds his evening anticlimactic and boring, and regrets not attending dinner with some colleagues at the Salvadorian bistro.

In this chapter of the novel “American Psycho”(1991) by Bret Easton Ellis, Patrick Bateman, a successful and wealthy businessman, brutally murders an innocent homeless man. Bateman approaches the bum as a kind and caring person, willing to lend him a few dollars for food and shelter. “”You want some money?” I ask gently. “Some food””? (p. 135 l. 3.). At first Bateman reaches for a ten dollar bill, but reconsiders and finds a five dollar bill instead. But before handing the homeless man the money, Bateman begins to interrogate him. The questions escalate from questions of genuine curiosity such as: “is this (a five dollar bill) what you need?”(p. 135 l. 6) into rude questions:” If you’re so hungry, why don’t you get a job?” — “I lost my job” — “Why? .. Were you drinking? Is that why you lost it? Insider trading? Just joking. No, really. Were you drinking on the job?”. (p. 135 ll. 13-19). The homeless man keeps telling Bateman that he is hungry and cold, but instead of feeling empathy for his situation, Bateman finds his behaviour irritating. “I know that, I know that … Jeez you’re like a broken record. I’m trying to help you” (p. 135 ll. 31-32). Bateman then begins to feel annoyed by the homeless man, and insults him by telling him that he reeks of excreta and ends the conversation deciding not to give him any money. “Do you know what a fucking loser you…...

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