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Amway India is the country’s leading direct selling FMCG-company which manufactures and sells world-class consumer products. All its products are covered by a 100 per cent Money Back
Guarantee. If not completely satisfied with the product, the consumer can return it for a 100% refund.There is no joining fee for the Amway business – any adult can enrol as an
Amway distributor, without any payment

Almost all Amway India products are manufactured in the country through seven third party contract manufacturers. To bring the identified contract manufacturers’ production facilities and skills to international standard, Amway has invested in transfer of state-of-the-art, world-class technology to the contract manufacturers free of cost.


At present, Amway India offers over 130 products in five categories. They are Personal care category, Home Care category, Nutrition & Wellness category, Cosmetics and Great Value
Products.With the exception of Cosmetics range (Artistry*) and some products in Nutrition and Wellness category, all Amway
India products and bottles are manufactured in India.
The products match Amway’s global quality standards. They carry a tamper-proof seal and a ‘100 per cent Money Back Guarantee
'. Amway products are environment friendly, and are not tested on animals. Amway encourages the return of its used product bottles for re-cycling and to prevent their misuse.

Direct selling

Amway was set up in 1959, with only a disused service station as a base. Today, Amway is one of the world's largest direct sales companies, with over 2.5 million independent distributors in more than 70 countries world-wide. There are 35,000 independent distributorships in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands offering a range of products from a vast product portfolio.

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...COUNTRY’S NO 1 DIRECT SELLING COMPANY * Amway India is the country’s leading direct selling FMCG-company which manufactures and sells world-class consumer products. All its products are covered by a 100 per cent Money Back Guarantee. If not completely satisfied with the product, the consumer can return it for a 100% refund. * There is no joining fee for the Amway business – any adult can enrol as an Amway distributor, without any payment PROMOTING FREE ENTERPRISE AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT * Amway distributors follow a Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct consistent with the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), which defines the goals, principles and responsibilities in building and operating an Amway business. * Amway India is a member of the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA). The IDSA is an industry regulatory body, with several reputed international and Indian Direct Selling companies as members PRODUCTS AND SERVICES More than 450 unique, high-quality products carry the Amway name in the areas of nutrition, wellness, beauty and home. In addition, Amway distributors in selected markets sell additional brand-name goods through local merchandise catalogues, plus a variety of services and educational products. All products are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Amway Values: We do what is right, not just "whatever works." Product Offerings One of the biggest strength of Amway is the unparalleled quality of its......

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