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Jennifer Salinas Nov.16, 2011
Anorexia Professional Development

They say beauty is the quality of a person, that it’s not what you look like or where you come from that matters, what matters and makes a person beautiful is who you are, and that defines the grace in a person, if only it were true. Many people suffer with the pressures of their physical appearance. People, especially women fear the judgment of others and let the media set the ideal look that is accepted into our society. This is where the eating disorders such as anorexia manifest. Anorexia Nervosa is a eating disorder that is life-threating. Elements of this disorder involve of a great and intense fear of gaining weight, a body that is 15 percent lower than a normal person’s body, and most of all refuse to except they have a serious illness. People with anorexia keep an extreme low body weight using different methods such as over exercising, eating very limited portions of food, overuse of laxatives, or starvation. Someone with anorexia eat less than 1,000 calories a day. The diet of an anorexic person includes low calorie foods such as carrots, celery, or lettuce, most of the time eating meat is eliminate from there diet. This disorder usually is more common in women than in males. About 90 percent who develop it are women. It tends to develop in the teen years of girls and in young women. People who are dancers, models, actors, and athletes are the most at risk for developing this disorder because of the pressure of having the “Ideal look”. People who have anxiety disorders or depression also have high risk of developing anorexia. Media plays a big factor in eating disorders like anorexia. CBS News published an article about a student named Galia Slayen who once battled an eating disorder. She made a life size Barbie doll and her results were shocking. The model was about…...

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