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Anna-Lou Leibovitz
Anna-Lou Leibovitz is an inspirational photographer who is known by many for her fantastic work, worldwide. Some things that make her such a good photographer is her ability to take risks. She goes above and beyond the average expectations of a picture in order to truly capture her viewers attention. Whether it be from the shoot with John Lennon’s naked while his legs were hugging onto his wife, all the way to the highly controversial photo of Miley Cyrus’ bare back, which many believed was only used and released for media attention and to make sales, Anna-Lou Leibovitz’ photographs are eye-catching and different from the norm of what society always views in photographs.
Another reason why Anna-Lou Leibovitz is such a good photographer is because of the fact that she has a good sense of vision and sensitivity. Lebovitz’ vision is something that truly makes her, because she always knows exactly how many items, and which items to place on a set for a photo shoot. To be a good photographer you need to use the right amount to of set pieces to complement the subject of the picture, not take away from it, as well as be able to take pictures from various angles to test out which would look better, and these are both things that she does very well. She also has a good sensitivity meaning that she is able to recognize the subtleties of colour, texture, and lighting.
Anna-Lou Lebovitz is now known as the photographer who tells a story through her pictures. She makes good use of background, clothing and takes advantage of the weather in order to truly capture the moment. Lebovitz is known to have taken photographs of any and every celebrity you could ever imagine, which proves that her work is truly respected by significant figures worldwide.
One of my favourite photos of hers is of the photo of Iggy Pop. I feel as though this photo really tells a story…...

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