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The Health Care Reform

LaNette Hardy
November 28, 2012
Facilitator : Thomas Kehoe

The Health Care Reform The United States Healthcare reform went under transformation with the changes of Presidents. During the year of 2009, changes were made when our country begin to face difficulties in the financial deficit, which the country still today experiencing. It will explain that the level of the National Health cares spending that was impacted whether it was for the good or worst. It also gathers the total expenditure percentage. The economic of the future of the expenditures is explained to be at a percentage that is represented.
The National Expenditure level of the Healthcare in the United States in 2010 was in the round or about $ 2.6 trillion of the Healthcare expenditures .During the time of 1980 the Healthcare expenditure gradually spent over ten million dollars which was approximately stated to be $256 billion. So with the over spending the nation would be explained whether the there should be and cut and or why it was needed.(Expenditures Data, January 2012). A forecast of the health care system in the future economic has a need. The future according to the Health care spending, 2008 It has been predicted that the forecast will have a growth in a faster rate in the nation. During the earlier years the rate had begun to rise in the year of the 1900's and early 2000's the growth rate had slowed down tremendously. (Health care spending, 2008).

In the United States there has been a active period of an recession that has been around for the past decade. Due to this past decade of recession in the United State has place the country in lower income and higher unemployment rate. That have also


place a strain on health conditions that allows for more attention. Despite the…...

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