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The Company also had approximately $118 million accrued as of December 31, 2011, for an insurance contingency as a member of Oil Insurance Limited (OIL). This insurance co-op insures specific property, pollution liability, and other catastrophic risks of the Company. As part of its membership, the Company is contractually committed to pay a withdrawal premium if we elect to withdraw from OIL. Apache does not anticipate withdrawal from the insurance pool; however, the potential withdrawal premium is calculated annually based on past losses and the nature of our asset base.
Insurance Program
We maintain insurance coverage that includes coverage for physical damage to our assets, third party liability, workers’ compensation, employers’ liability, sudden pollution, and other risks. Our insurance coverage includes deductibles that must be met prior to recovery. Additionally, our insurance is subject to exclusions and limitations, and there is no assurance that such coverage will adequately protect us against liability from all potential consequences and damages.
Our current insurance policies covering physical damage to our assets provide $1 billion in coverage per occurrence. These policies also provide sudden pollution coverage. Coverage for damage to our U.S. Gulf of Mexico assets specifically resulting from a named windstorm, however, is subject to a maximum of $250 million per named windstorm, which includes a self-insured retention of 40 percent of the losses above a $100 million deductible, and is limited to a maximum of two storms per year.
Our current insurance policies covering general liabilities provide coverage of $610 million per occurrence subject to Apache’s interest. This coverage is in excess of existing policies, including, but not limited to, charterer’s liability, aircraft liability, employer’s liability, and automobile liability. Our service…...

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