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Donovan Pogue
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Mr. Kontos
“APO SHOW” Out of all the plays, I think this was by far the best one to me, just because of the different mini plays, and the comedy that came from them all. The first show I would like to discuss would be “Sure Thing”. I really enjoyed this one. This play was mostly about this guy trying to pursue this woman, and he starts off badly a few times so a bell is rung for him to begin again. This one had a lot of humorous moments in it. They were both very funny, especially the guy. I think they had a mutual like towards each other and it led them to go on a date to the movies. In the end, what he was trying to pursue, he finally got, but it just wasn’t the right timing for him in when her first attempted to ask her on a date. He also had to change up his conversation so it could be more respectable to the girl Betty. The second play was not as exciting as the first. I do not think it was as funny as the first one also because it was not as exciting to watch also. It involved one character, which was Mitch, he was talking to the crowd about a type writer, but comes to the conclusion that he is a typewriter himself, In this play he is trying to pursue something himself also, but I feel like he doesn’t know how to pursue this certain something. This something turns out to be a piece of paper, and in the end he exchanges names with this piece of paper. The difference between this play and that play is that he wasn’t trying to pursue this something at first until he seen it after explaining to the audience on how he is a typewriter. The third play “Foreplay, or the Art of the Fugue” was similar to the other three because it consisted of a pursuit also. Three guys are trying to run game on these girls so they can end up having sex with them at the end of the night. They take them on this circular golf course and…...

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