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Assignment Questions
*1. What are the chief elements of Apple’s overall competitive strategy? How well do the pieces fit together? Is the strategy evolving?

2. What are the key elements of Apple’s strategy in computers, personal media players, and smart phones?
Have its strategies in its core businesses yielded success? Explain.

3. What does a competitive strength assessment reveal about Apple’s computer business, as compared to the leaders in the personal computer industry? Use the methodology in Table 4.2 to support your answer. Does it appear that the company’s competitive positions in personal media players and smartphones or stronger or weaker than its position in computers?

*4. Does it make good strategic sense for Apple to be a competitor in the computer, personal media player, smartphone, and tablet computer industries? Are the value chain activities that Apple performs in computers, personal media players, tablet computers and smartphones very similar and “compatible” or are there very important differences from product to product? Which of the four products lines---computers, tablet computers, personal media players, or smartphones---do you think is most important to Apple’s future growth and profi tability? Why?

*5. What is your assessment of Apple Computer’s fi nancial performance the past three years? (Use the fi nancial ratios in Table 4.1 on pages 94-96 of the text as a guide in doing your fi nancial analysis.)

6. What recommendations would you make to allow Apple to strengthen its position in its most important markets? What steps should it take to ensure that the iPad becomes a success in the marketplace and a major contributor to the company’s overall performance?
Apple, Inc. in…...

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...Question #1 The modern Apple, Inc., which a number of consumers have come to know and love, is considered to be the Jobs’ era. Steve Jobs was ousted from the organization during his 1985 resignation, and eventually brought back as a part of the acquisition of NeXT. He was eventually named the permanent CEO of Apple in 2000 and ultimately sculpted Apple into the revolutionary organization it has become today. Apple has been able to become a revolutionary organization because Steve Jobs implemented a different business strategy than his predecessors. According the case study, “Much of Apple’s turnaround could be credited to Steve Jobs, who had idea after idea for how to improve the company and turn its performance around. He not only consistently pushed for innovative new ideas and products but also enforced several structural changes, including ridding the company of unprofitable segments and divisions (C-143, Thompson).” Through the elimination of Apple’s less useful operations the organization was able to consolidate resources in order to concentrate on innovating, differentiating, and developing new and/or existing products. Apple has applied this strategy to its computer, digital music, tablet, and phone lines to a great deal of success. The most abundant strategy which affects all Apple’s products is how they are differentiated from the competition. From the hardware to the software, an average consumer could easily recognize an Apple product from the competition. An...

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...Copenhagen Business College By group 2. International Business Department 09 IM Hand-in date: October 17th 2011 Team members: Wang Lehuan , Apple Inc. Fei Xuan , Liu Danfei , Jiang Yongming , Zhang Hao , Li Changhua Counselor: Sun Na Synopsis The paper is about Apple Inc. which is a famous IT company in the world. It's main business is to offer different kinds of high information technology electronic products. Through the internal and external analysis by using SWOT, STP, 4Ps, PEST models for Apple Inc., some problems are indentified. Firstly, in the analysis of internal environment, the paper tells that Apple's products are high quality and attractive. Apple is the world's most successful and healthy IT brands. It holds the leadership in electronic industry. Apple lead the production design in high technology. Most employees in the company are creative and pay attention to innovation. It prefers to build up good relationship with customers so that to attract them to buy their products again. But Apple don't have a wide distribution channels and its market is limited which only focus on middle and high income people who are pursuing modern, vogue and innovation, most of them are in developed countries. And their suppliers pollution issues are exposed in 2011 which is harmful to Apple's brand image. Apple products are hardly compatible with other companies' electronic products. Secondly, in the analysis of external environment, the paper tells that it is a...

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...As the story goes, when Steve Jobs looked around Apple in 2002, he saw a profusion of gadgets: cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players (including Apple's blockbuster, the iPod). In a flash of brilliance, he asked himself a world-changing question: What if all those functions could be combined in just one device? The answer to that insightful question led to Apple's next hit: the Rokr cell phone. Whoops, scratch that. The Rokr was a commercial flop, and Apple's short-lived partnership to develop an MP3 cell phone with Motorola is now an embarrassing footnote. In no small part, the iPhone exists today because the Rokr threw the shortcomings of the mobile phone industry into sharp relief. Smelling the industry's stagnation, Jobs began planning the iPhone, even as the Rokr drew withering criticism. The above anecdote highlights one important thing to remember about Apple: Its aura of infallibility is pure bunkum. The other thing to remember is that Apple learns from its mistakes. In fact, mistakes are vital to its creative process. But what are the rules that govern this process? Here are four of the most important principles. Principle One: Don’t Follow Your Customers; Lead Them Apple’s design process differs from that of most other companies. Traditional design research relies heavily on focus groups and customer feedback about existing products. Apple tends to place less emphasis on evidence than on intuition, under the theory that consumers can’t tell you they want a product or......

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...Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Who is Apple? Apple is one of the world leaders in innovative technology. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple creates and manufactures mobile phones and devices. The products of Apple include the iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod, iTunes and Apple Television just to name a few. Through many years of experience Apple strives to continue to advance with the time while staying committed to making extraordinary technology. Apple also strives to be as ethically and socially responsible as a company. Examine Apple’s current position on the company’s ethical and social responsibilities, and determine whether or not the company has met these responsibilities. Provide two (2) examples that support your position. David Kurtz author of Contemporary Business defines social responsibility as “a management philosophy that includes contributing resources to the community, preserving the natural environment, and developing or participating in nonprofit programs designed to promote the well-being of the general public.” In recent years Apple has supported global education initiatives by providing educators and students with the latest in innovative technology. They have provided targeted technology for every type of learning. Apple has teamed with Red Cross to help with donations during times of natural disasters providing iTunes applications to make donating easier and to streamline the process. Apple prides itself on being......

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...Accounting for iPhone at Apple Inc. 1. What is subscription accounting? Subscription accounting is a method in which to recognize the revenue and cost of goods sold are evenly divided over a specific period of time. The revenue is deferred into unearned revenue which would be considered as a liability account. This method also deals with the timing of a sale, in which the sale during the middle of the month will still be recognized in the full month. In this case, Apple uses a straight-line basis of 24 months, which is the estimated phone contract period. Apple will collect the cash from the date of the sale, but will be in a deferred account. The portions of the revenue will be recognized evenly throughout the 24 month period. Since the iPhone sends upgrades of the software, this method allows those costs to be estimated throughout the time period. Therefore this method can be considered less bias for the company. 2. Why did Jobs want to provide non-GAAP accounting data? Jobs wanted to provide non-GAAP accounting data because he believed it would “eliminate the impact of subscription accounting.” He boasted that the non-GAAP sales of 2008’s fourth quarter was $4.6 billion, totaling 39% of total revenue. Also, the research showed that investors preferred the non-GAAP data because it was easier to understand Apple’s earning and was easier to compare their data to other competitors. Overall, the non-GAAP data seem to better reflect Apple’s business, and better......

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