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* Acknowledgement | 3 | * Summary | 4 | * 12.1- Investigation of two businesses with international and European presence * Name of the organisation * Operating Profit * Main Activities * Legal Format * Type of Business * Target Market * Industry * Business Sector * Product Range * Aims and Objectives * Type of Competition * Similarities and Differences Between the Businesses * Why businesses become international * How businesses meet their aims and objectives by being international | 5 | * 12.2- Research and Analysis of the Factors for Business having an International presence * Strategic Objectives * Theory of Comparative Advantage * Impact on host country when business is setting up and trading * Incentives by host country to business * Impact of business activities on competitors, customers, suppliers and business itself * Effectiveness of international business | 26 | * 12.3- Explore the dynamics of international organizations on one chosen business in a globally competitive environment * How EU and WTO affect the international business * Benefits of membership * Limitations of membership | 30 | * 12.4- Examine and evaluate the growth and influence of multi-national operations * Why business have become international * Impacts on developed and developing countries * How wealth of multi-nationals influence host countries | 39 | * Conclusion | 44 | * Bibliography | 45 |

This was the most fun way of learning things and a wonderful experience according to my opinion on the Applied Business Assessment.
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