Applying Problem Solving Skills

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Applying Problem Solving Skills
In our everyday lives we face decisions that can be casual, urgent, critical, or have a strict deadline. These decisions require action and as humans we often make hasty judgments and react on impulse. The issues can involve personal, educational, or even business related decisions. To be more effective we can apply problem solving skills. Following these guidelines can save a lot of time and prevent heartache and headache. Personally, I have two examples of a problem that I encountered in my work life. Through persuasive thinking I was able to solve one, while the other was resolved through scientific thinking.
Applying Persuasive Thinking
Having a job in the oil field is no walk in the park. We run across different problems every minute it seems like. Recently, we have been losing mechanics left and right. As they give their two weeks’ notice, one reason that keeps popping up is the schedule. The field runs a six day on three day off schedule, which means we work six days and then have three days off. As Assistant Supervisor over Field Operations, I get to hear the grumbling and mumbling before it even hits the fan. Two of my best Field Mechanics sat down with me and got everything off their chest. They went over every single problem that the current schedule was causing. After our talk, I knew I had to do something to help these guys out (reason number one being if one more person walked out I would be forced to go back out and cover until someone was deemed worthy enough to step up). Persuasive thinking seemed to be the best solution to use in order to persuade the Immediate Maintenance Supervisor (MSV), who is in charge of the schedules, to make a change. I have had the longest standing relationship with the MSV, so I have much more credibility with him than the next person in line. My next hurdle is…...

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