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I stepped into the arena of education looking to provide my skills to help students, families and school communities produce success. I believe my experience will only enhance the role of the
Social Work Specialist (Elementary Grades) in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. My academic and occupation successes will ensure the improvements and futuristic goals of school success for all students, parents, staff, and school administrators.
I value education for all children. I began my career in education for over 10 years as a district employee after 25 plus years of service in child welfare and community development. As a protective service worker for San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Francisco counties, I observed a gross amount of students not enjoying their experience in school. I observed a higher percent of the lower population of minority students disengaging with the educational process. I learned the motivation to attend school and have sights toward completing a successful higher level of educational beyond formal education was not a dream and therefore no goal planning was arranged to even complete high school. I observed minority students dropping out of school after years of receiving the label as
“at risk” due to the encouragement of identifying these students by their suspension and absence rate.
The levels of expelling students continued to grow though many students were geared toward welcoming the red carpet to leave school by voluntarily dismissing themselves from the matriculation. I accepted the volunteer positions as a member of the San Francisco Stay in School Coalition and the Truancy Task force placed me in the positon to join the Student Attendance Review Board
(SARB) for three years with the San Francisco Unified School district. I am currently a member of the Keeping Kids in School committee for Contra Costa County.…...

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