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Argument essay – ”cubing”
Is homework harmful or helpful?

There are lots of discussions going on today about whether homework or harmful or helpful. Many people have studied children’s ability to concentrate, their mood and their test results, but they haven’t come to a conclusion.
Some people say that homework is a good way to see how well a pupil is in the different subjects, when they don’t have a teacher to help them. The problem is that when a pupil doesn’t have anyone to show them how to do an assignment, they might never get it done. How can students learn new things if they don’t have anyone to help them. Some children might not have fully educated parents to help them if they have a problem with their homework, that makes it harder for them than other children.
Some students don’t even bother to do their homework because no teacher will ever check that they did them. Then it would possibly be smart to rather let them stay at school for an hour extra and make sure that they finish them. If they were supposed to do the assignments at school, the teacher could make sure that they did it and help them if there was something they didn’t understand.
Though homework still is normal in this country, there is still a chance that the people in our government will come to their senses and end it once and for all. Homework robs children of their spare time, and makes them sit inside for hours instead of being outside playing with other children. End homework so that children can get a proper…...

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