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Aristophanes’ Clouds presents its’ audience with more than just a brilliantly comedic performance, but a lesson about education as well. Although Socrates is one of the plays main characters, and one of the most prominent philosophers of all time, Aristophanes chooses to use the Chorus of Clouds as his primary tool in getting his messages about education across to the audience. The Clouds attempt to teach Strepsiades by pushing him to make mistakes that he will ultimately learn from. Strepsiades tells the Clouds that he wants to learn the inferior argument, to “twist justice around and escape the clutches of [his] creditors,” and although the Clouds know that this will bring unwanted consequences, nevertheless, they encourage Strepsiades to enroll in Socrates school. The Clouds want Strepsiades to learn through experience, not by simply being told what is right and what is wrong. If everything went according to the Clouds’ plan, Strepsiades would suffer the consequences of his wrongdoing and, in turn, never choose the wrong path again.
Similar to the Clouds emotionally harsh method of teaching is the Superior Arguments physically harsh method of teaching. When the Clouds give both the Superior and Inferior Arguments the chance to communicate what they stand for, the Superior Argument speaks of a “damned good thrashing” for those boys who are not acting respectably. The Superior Argument is also more traditional in his ways, encouraging people to think of others before themselves, and asserting that “discretion [is] the aspiration of every man.” On the other hand, the Inferior Argument contends that the Superior Argument is “archaic” in his ways, and prefers to simply use his “counterintelligence” to escape any issue that may present itself. Like the Clouds, the Inferior Argument encourages both Strepsiades and Pheidippides to choose him over the…...

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