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**I was given 10/10 Points for each of these exercises**

Assist Family Members PE Situation A

As an FGR Support Circle member, I would ask the young PFC’s wife the nature of her issue. Since she is living in a mobile home and not on post quarters, that will give me an overview of the agency to be contacted. In this particular case, will be the Army Emergency Relief, they help soldiers and their families in emergency situations, such as paying utility bills to prevent disconnections, evictions, buying food to avoid deprivation, etc. An AER member will contact the landlord and ask him the type of lease or contract that was made between him and the couple. The AER member will have the right to be provided with proper supporting documentation. If found that the couple are on a lease type of contract, the AER member will inform the landlord that by trying to raise the rent, he is on a violation and can be facing serious repercussions. Federal Law always trumps State Law. He cannot raise or evict the young PFC’s wife until 6 months of he has returned. AER will let him know the laws and regulations that protect service members. If the nature of the issue is different and the landlord has the right to raise the rent, AER will tell the wife the nature of the issue and the options available. In case she is willing to leave the premises and move to on post…...

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