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Clarence Williams
EN102 Outline for argument analysis: Arrested Development I. -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
James Forman Jr. targets this article towards conservatives who oppose racial profiling * -------------------------------------------------
Claim: Forman claims that racial profiling is an ineffective way to enforce the law and should be stopped.
II. Summary: "Arrested Development" by James Forman Jr. , is an article that looks at the issue of racial profiling. III. -------------------------------------------------
James Forman Jr. is a Professor of Law at Yale Law School. He is a graduate of Brown University and Yale law school * -------------------------------------------------
Yale faculty biographies

IV. -------------------------------------------------
Forman aims this article towards conservatives which is a good choice because conservatives are color blind meaning they see people as equal.

V. -------------------------------------------------
Forman appeals to the reader’s emotions by telling stories about the students of Maya Angelou public charter school and how they are constantly harassed by the police. * -------------------------------------------------
He tells stories of harassment that occur at his school

VI. -------------------------------------------------
In “Arrested development” ethos is used to portray how the African American population…...

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