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English 1301
The line was long and crowded; the countless energized bodies seemed to snake around pylon after pylon with out an end in sight. You could see bobbing heads moving left to right moving opposite of the person in front and everyone hoping to see the end, the end to the tiresome wait. You could see children of all ages some playing with hand held video games others hearing music, their parents and single adults contained their excitement in meaningless conversations. But still slight half step movements would trickle down the line, the wait reminded me of the countless times I would spend as a child waiting to cross the bridge from Juarez to El Paso after a family gathering. The only difference was there was no smell of hot burning motor oil and no fumes of poisonous carbon dioxide gas emitting from old Chevys and Fords. Finally, the moment my family and I so diligently and patiently awaited for, the door, our finish line. I clearly remember the eight-foot squeaky double doors, which had a lustrous shine; the glass had a mirror fish that even Superman could not penetrate with his x-ray vision, were at our reach. As we entered with heart pounding excitement the type of excitement you feel as you drop from long never ending rollercoaster, I gasp not knowing what I would face next. As I entered my excitement was squashed as I immediately saw the one line fork into 5 other endless lines with the same people from the previous room now scattered throughout the room. We slowly cleared the second room and noticed that these double doors led to the outside. I cautiously walked out and immediately was welcomed by blinding sunlight, I immediately raised my hand to shield my eyes when I heard a calm “wow” coming from my daughter’s delicate voice. As I look up to mimic her stare, I was engulfed with the same amazement as her, in big blue bold letters I…...

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...Lakesha London Professor: Dana Ferrea Class: Art Appreciation 1301 September 29, 2012 Cabinet Makers The painting and artists I am going to discuss is "The Cabinet Markers" by Jacob Lawrence (1957). In this portrait of Jacob Lawrence not only represent someone building cabinet this portrait represent many things that had took over a lifetime and especially in 50’s. The style of this portrait is systematic and Lawrence has a unique feel to the portrait. Jacob Lawrence was a witness to so much of American reconstruction and his artwork is rich with ideas that he had a firsthand insight on. He sets a style all of his own by using real life images in an abstract way; he uses brilliant colors and creative detail in his paintings. There is a lot of movement in his work with the change of the decades and his messages are clear. (Evergreen) This portrait can be very tricking it but when looking at art you have to have an open mind. The visual elements that someone might see are that Jacob Lawrence is painting a portrait of someone building something. In this portrait you will see nails like it’s in the guy pockets, but I think that it represent people who are on a ship that’s sailing away for freedom. The builder can also represent that he are a working class man and he are ready for a change. In the portrait you notice a lot of tools and if you think about it these tools are the same as today and that mean they haven’t change. The tool can represent that maybe some......

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...HIST 1301 11/25/2013 Title: Clark, Victor S. “The Influence of Manufactures Upon Political Sentiment in the United States From 1820 to 1860.” The American Historical Review, 22 (October 1916): 58-64. Purpose: Victor S. Clark outlines the economic influences of the expansion of manufactures upon the political sentiment in America before the Civil War. He discusses the role of political institutions in the shaping of our economic progress, with the intent to show that the rise in manufactures in the United States during this time brought a stronger form of centralized government that would favor an increase in public intervention of the ecomic activities of individuals. Ultimately he encourages us to believe this was one of the main causes for Civil War in the US during this time. Summary: In the few decades before the Civil War, many Americans relied primarily on the household goods they could produce or acquire locally. Without the need for regulation of these small items, sentiment in the United States leaned towards the idea that people could manage these tasks on their own. However, after the revolution these attitudes began to change with the rise in manufactures and the expansion towards the south. Crops such as tobacco, sugar, and cotton were just a few of the commodities that people in the US and overseas desired for. Inevitably, this caused people to rethink where power should lie to maintain the idea that equality existed among the entire population. From start...

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...pastels, and oils on posters. National Museum of Art, Washington D.C. And Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan Yayoi has a wide array of art that catches my eye. With then use of polka dots and motifs in her paintings to make wonderful works of art. Watercolors are also a bonus when looking at an art display as it can be very vivid and in high school I enjoyed doing thing that's involved the same things that she does. Pastels and Oils were also fun to use and were some personal favorites that make art a fun thing to do that someone who may not be interested in doing will like it. In one of her paintings from her exhibit, Infinite Obsession, she uses a wide variety of colors and polka dots. There are many different things that one could decipher about this painting but it almost looks like it could be a city or galaxy. The colors that stand out the most are green, blue, and red. It features an abundance of varying sights and colors that will wow a person with it being fluid and precise as it doesn't look like someone just threw paint on a board but it looks like someone did the work intentionally with thought and reasoning behind it. Faith Ranggold, Born1930, Harlem, New York, Page 17[->1] Mixed media on Painted Quilts. Norton Museum of Art,Florida and National Museum of American Art.,Washington D.C. Being black during a time with racism and segregation and still being able to make it in the art industry makes Faith a really......

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...As a lover of art I tend to find, beauty in everything some way. Whether it be a simple flower out in a field of brown grass, or a pattern that everyone thinks looks too busy. I didn’t realize how the ‘Beauty is all around you’ quote would fit me until I actually started to study it. No, I’m not art major because I can’t draw to save my life, but I found that studying it for a hobby is more relaxing than I thought it would have been. Living in New York City, I was able to go to an art museum every weekend. Look at the different paintings on the wall and feel a different emotion for each. If was funny how an 18x24 painting could make me feel so different about certain things. All a painting is and ever will be, and lines and different stroke one a white canvas if you break it down bit by bit. But together those line and strokes make something beautiful. When I moved from New York I thought I would have to give up that passion for a whole year. I, personally knew that I could do it but then I would be bored on my weekends, something I didn’t want to happen ever especially since I felt I was moving to the middle of nowhere. But I was mistaken when I found out that El Paso had an art museum. That was very shocking news to me, I know not everywhere has an art museum or a museum at all. Recently I was able to visit, I know it’s not good to compare two things together all the time, of course the El Paso art museum isn’t, The Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Whitney Museum of......

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...Psych 1301 Wa#4 Ch. 4: 1. Write a 500 word description of our sleep cycle. You will want to include a description of each of the stages of sleep as well as REM sleep. 2. Discuss 2 of the disorders of sleep and then describe any personal experience you have had with any. 3. Discuss what four things/ways one might alter their consciousness. Be very descriptive in your answer. 4. Describe signs of drug abuse/addiction. 1. Sleep is a very essential part of the human lifestyle, humans spend up to one third of their life sleeping. Our body functions on the "biological clock", this is called the circadian rhythms which is dictated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), this allows our body to get into a rhythm, giving our body a timeline so to speak. This is what makes us feel hungry around noon because our body is used to lunch and it also is what makes us sleepy at night time. When our body feels this need to sleep, we begin our phases of sleep. "Going to sleep" is when you lose all awareness of what is around you. The beginning stage the "going to sleep" or "twilight' stage us really just an extreme state of relaxation, compared to what your brain is like when laying on the beach. After this initial stage the body then goes into Stage 1. Stage 1 has very tight brain waves that are very low in height very much like those of someone who is alert and excited, however when someone is alert and excited their muscles are normally tense, their pulse is rapid and eyes...

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...One of the most thrilling opportunities was seeing the Renaissance fair in action. The Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned from the 14th century to the 17th. It began in Florence in the Late Middle Ages and later on spread to Europe. The term Renaissance is used loosely to refer to a historical era in which there was a development of linear perspective within the art of painting, and a increasing spread of educational reform. This cultural movement was the bridge between the modern era and the Middle Ages. It was seen as an intellectual pursuit in which social and political upheaval arose. This period is best known for its artistic developments from renowned artist such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Visiting the Faire was such a rewarding and wonderful experience because not only was I able to gain so much information about the period, I was able to learn it through having fun and enjoying myself. There were Men in tights, knights on horses, beautiful and entertaining shows, wonderful food, jousting, and very fun activities. I’d seen various movies such as Lord of the Rings and Dragonheart and ever since I was a kid I’ve always been in love with that period. The various fables of knights and tales of sword fighting always intrigued me. The fact that I was able to witness it first hand was such a fulfilling and wonderful experience! I saw the wardrobe of knights, peasants, and noblemen alike. I was able to see blacksmiths at work and gun, queens, and......

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