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Art Report; critique Critique refers to a systematic and discipline analysis which is always written or can be presented in an oral form. In most cases, critique has been viewed as the acts of analyzing documents, literary work or pictures with an aim of making judgments that are negative and trying to find some faults in the analysis. However, critique does contain some form of recognizing the merits entailed in the subject matter and can be given a philosophical view of a practice that involves doubt. The entire sense of critique has been contemporarily been influenced by the critique of enlighten which involves authority and prejudice. This is always shaped by the autonomy and emancipation from the authorities in the political fronts and the religious authorities.
The Florida Scene Florida scene is a pictorial presentation by Thomas Moran. Moran in his presentation greatly bases on nature, which largely is in the center of influencing his art. In his scene, Thomas uses shapes that are predominantly organic and gives his art the natural and environmental taste.
Analysis of the artwork The landscape in the artwork presents an irregular scope on the southern side of the landscape accompanied by vegetation which is often rounded and carved. The artwork has the sky and the ocean too. Visible are some trees which have their branches curved and there is a layer of wild flowers and shrubs. The natural pond is situated on the right side ant it seems to be growing in all directions with a lot of weeds that are aquatic on the surrounds of the shallow pond. There are palm leaves in bayonet shapes that are irregular and present a threatening sensation next to the ocean and there lies a clear sky above the ocean’s tidal waves. There are new clouds which form new shapes…...

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