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Assesment and Evaluation Alignment Assignment

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Assessment and Evaluation: Alignment Assignment

Course Description:

This course is designed to help newly hired front-line banking representatives learn the basics of client interaction, including transactional processing, handling client inquiries and concerns, and leveraging trigger events as well as open-ended questions to identify advice opportunities.

The learning is delivered in a blended online/in-classroom/in-branch environment with hands-on practice opportunities gained through virtual modules, role-playing with colleagues, and direct client interactions in branch.

The course is comprised of seven learning modules/units delivered over a nine week period, with each module delivered over a 1-week period, providing a 2-week intensive hands-on practice opportunity near the end of the program.

The flow of the course includes these main topics:

1. Discovery: Learning more about you and understanding your strengths 2. Orientation: The Tools and Resources you need to succeed and where to find them 3. Client Experience: An overview of what a perfect interaction looks like 4. Transaction Processing: Understanding the mechanics of day-to-day transactions 5. Product Knowledge: The nitty-gritty of the products we offer 6. Giving Advice: Discovering needs and providing client-centric advice 7. Client Experience: Juggling it all together

Learning Objective

To be able to indentify product features and pricing.

Level of Blooms Taxonomy


Teaching Technique

Assign groups to create a comparison chart of 1) account products, 2) credit card products, and 3) insurance products.

Assessment/Evaluation Method (and Description)

Peer group evaluation: Have the each group…...

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