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Behavior implies actions that increase exposure to the factors that produce disease or protect individuals from it. Actions such as smoking, exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, drug use, and unprotected sex help determine the development of disease. Of 82 Michigan counties reporting, Monroe County is ranked 53rd for unhealthy behaviors
2012 Monroe County Compared to Neighboring Counties Michigan Monroe Lenawee Washtenaw Wayne
Health Factors 43 27 1 82 Health Behaviors 53 22 1 70 Adult smoking 21% 21% 17% 13% 23% Adult obesity 32% 35% 34% 25% 34% Physical inactivity 25% 28% 24% 19% 28% Excessive drinking 18% 22% 22% 15% 17% Motor vehicle crash death rate 13 14 16 8 11 Sexually transmitted infections 457 198 220 331 963 Teen birth rate 34 29 37 13 47 Source: Smoking is identified as a cause in multiple diseases including various cancers, cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, low birth weight, and other adverse health outcomes. Monroe County's adult smoking rate is comparable to Michigan, but unfavorable compared to Lenawee and Washtenaw counties.
Adults and children in single-parent households are both at risk for adverse health outcomes such as substance abuse, depression, and suicide, and unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and excessive alcohol use. There are proportionally fewer single-parent households in Monroe County than in the state or surrounding counties.
The most frequently mentioned needs, from the point of view of community members, are: nutrition, prevention, obesity, and chronic health problems. Less pressing, but still important, are: diabetes, smoking, dental services and prescription assistance
Top 5 risk factors for premature deaths in Monroe County are: Few fruits/vegetables High blood pressure…...

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