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Practical Project
Stage 1: Data Understanding and Business Opportunities

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Daniel Gosert (441686)
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Submitted By:
Daniel Gosert (441686)
Marvin Steiger (437143)
Pramod Rathi (439352)
Samuel Desguin (441838)

In the first part of this practical project, we develop a model that helps the Venture Capital (VC) firm to identify good business opportunities, using the data provided by CrunchBase. In this context, we define “good business opportunities” as opportunities that are likely to be acquired and then sold profitably. Therefore, in our further analysis, we only consider companies that have been acquired (and that show on the “Acquisitions” tab of the excel file).

With our application, we will provide the Venture Capital company with in-depth information that will help it decrease its risk of investing in companies that are likely to fail, and at the same time increase its opportunities for high return on investments. More precisely, with the support of our application, the VC company can predict the average return on investment of a potential target, identify both the most profitable industries and geographical areas and by that in consequence minimize its risk of investment.

To do so, we go through three general stages. First, we compute the average return on investment that investors gained by investing in the companies of the data set. Then, we relate this ROI with both industry and location. Based on this, we classify and rank the regions and industries according to the calculated average ROI (which we computed in the first stage). Two buckets are created: bucket one (which we call “promising”) contains all combinations of industries and locations which display a satisfying ROI, on average (which is above a…...

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