Assignment 1: Melanoma Growth Cut

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Assignment 1: Melanoma growth cut
Noor Al Shadidi
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Assignment 1: Melanoma growth cut
Starving melanoma cells may slow tumor growth:
It is still very early days, as the method has only been tested in lab-grown cells. But the researchers, from Sydney's Centenary Institute and the University of Sydney, hope their findings will lead to new drugs that control a range of cancers, including melanoma. Although the melanoma is the least common skin cancer, it is responsible for most of deaths. In Australia, the melanoma skin cancer is the third most common cancer, also Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world. The Australian scientists believed the new researches showed that the melanoma skin cancer can be controlled its growth by cutting its food supply. To slow the melanoma skin cancer is by preventing the amino acid glutamine from entering the melanoma cells, unlike normal cells, melanoma and other cancers rely on amino acids rather than glucose for the energy they need to divide and grow. A pump system on the surface of cancer cells is discovered by the scientists which they aim to block with a new class of drugs, according to their article published in the International Journal of Cancer.
The topic was mentioned in the book but you can say it has a basic information about the topic, the book didn’t go farther with the topic. Basically the book just explained the process Stages of the evolution of melanoma skin cancer. The book outlined the stages of development of skin cancer in three stages brief. On the first stage it shows you with picture how the basal cell is the most common type of skin cancer. This slowly showing on the skin and growing and how the color would change from uncolored lump to darker colored lump. The second stage is talking about the squamous cell it grows under the surface of…...

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